How to Apply

Academic Prerequisites

 MA in Gender Studies
  • A four-year undergraduate degree (BAHon) from a recognized university in gender studies or cognate fields (women’s studies, feminist studies, sexuality studies) or in another field with evidence of a prior focus on gender.
  • A minimum of B+ in the last two years of university study.
PhD in Gender Studies
  • An MA degree from a recognized university in gender studies or cognate fields (women’s studies, feminist studies, sexuality studies) or in another field with evidence of a prior focus on gender.
  • A minimum of B+ in the last two years of university study.
  • Consideration will be given to practitioners of gender studies in the public or private sectors who hold a BAHon/BA and who demonstrate exceptional and relevant professional experience and achievement in an appropriate field.

English Proficiency

English is the language of instruction and communication at Queen's University.  Normally, international applicants for whom English is not their first language, must demonstrate proficiency in English by submitting acceptable scores in an English language proficiency test, such as the TOEFL, with the application to graduate studies.  The application is considered incomplete until this test is received, or unless the requirement is waived.  Please review the School of Graduate Studies (SGS) website for acceptable test and minimum scores (click “Apply in 5 steps” and then “Step 3B: Provide English Language Test Results”).
Any applicant whose first language is not English, but who has recently* studied for at least one complete year at a post-secondary institution where English is the official language of instruction, may submit with their application a request to be exempted from the English language proficiency test requirement.  The relevant regulation is available on the SGS website (click on "International Students").
 *within the last 12 month


Admission cycle

Applications to the Gender Studies MA and PhD programs are accepted on an annual basis.  All programs begin in the fall term.

Application Deadlines

Applications are accepted from September 15th through February 1.

December 1

Early consideration deadline.  All applications that are completed by December 1st will be reviewed before the winter break. 

February 1

Final application deadline.  This review will include all applications submitted, including the applications submitted before December 1 for which an offer of admission has not yet been made. 

Applications submitted late (after February 1) will be considered only on a case-by-case basis.


Application process

Applications for all graduate programs in Gender Studies are hosted online by SGS. 

Apply online following the guidelines and procedures outlined by SGS. There is a non-refundable application fee.

  Every year, we receive a large number of applications from extremely well qualified candidates. We are able to accept only a few because of the significant amount of time our faculty members spend with each graduate student.  Prior to applying and paying the application fee, applicants are strongly encouraged to identify potential supervisor(s) for their graduate project and see whether the faculty member is interested in supporting their application. 

  All application materials (i.e., online application, letters of recommendation, writing sample, CV) must be received before the application deadline. We are unable to review incomplete applications.

Application information submitted through the online application:
  • Letters of Recommendation: Two current academic references are required. Requests for references are sent to your referees electronically via the online application once you submit your application.
  • Transcripts: Official, up-to-date transcripts for all current and previous study listed by the applicant in the 'Academic Background' section of their online application are required.  Visit the SGS website for more details.
  • Potential Faculty Supervisor: Review the list of potential faculty supervisors and identify faculty members with whom you would like to work. Applicants may find it helpful to email potential supervisors to inquire as to their availability for supervision.
  • Statement of Research Interests: A description of the objectives of your research, the context, relevant theories, methodology, and contribution to the advancement of knowledge. Be sure to position your proposed research in relation to current knowledge in the field of Gender Studies and critical literature you find interesting and useful.
Application information submitted by email to
  • Current CV: An updated Curriculum Vitae or resume showing your previous education, professional, and volunteer experience
  • Writing Sample: There is no word count for a writing sample submission, however we recommend submitting a sample between 8-10 pages. We are interested in seeing any of the following:
    • A peer-reviewed academic journal article.
    • A report that you have authored for an organization, agency, or institution.
    • An unpublished thesis from an earlier degree.
    • A portfolio of your contributions (e.g., an artist’s portfolio, a professional website, etc.)
    • Or some other sample of your writing (e.g., an essay for a course you have already completed)
Application Fee

A non-refundable application fee (currently $110 CDN) is required for each application submitted. Once you have submitted your application online, you will be directed to pay this fee online via Visa or Mastercard.

Application Review and Decision

Generally, the department admits 10 students to the MA in Gender Studies and 4 students to the PhD in Gender Studies in each year.

Offers of admission will be made following the early consideration deadline and final application deadline.  Acceptance into a graduate degree program will be based on the judgment of the Gender Studies Graduate Admissions Committee, subject to final approval by SGS.  All offers of admission are contingent on receipt of satisfactory transcript of final grades by August 31.

Applicants who show strong academic promise may placed on a waiting list until all program spots are filled.

All applicants will be notified by email regarding the committee's decision.