The Beverley Baines Award for Outstanding Service in Gender, Women's and Feminist Studies

Presented annually to a student who has shown exceptional and notable service in the Department of Gender Studies.

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Faculty Teaching Award

Awarded annually to faculty who are adjuncts, core or cross-appointed to Gender Studies and teach a GNDS course.

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Kathleen A. Herman Prize in Gender Studies

Awarded each year to the student who submits the best essay/project in a Gender Studies course.

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The R.S. McLaughlin Fellowship

Awarded to first class master's and doctoral students in all fields who are residents of Ontario.

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Ontario Graduate Scholarship

The Ontario Graduate Scholarships (OGS) are awarded to scholars from all disciplines with a high level of academic achievement.

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Robert Sutherland Fellowship

Awarded to incoming Black Canadian students and other Canadian visible minority students.

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The Poole Award in Women's and Gender Studies

Awarded to a Gender Studies MA student who has a demonstrated research interest in improving the status of women.

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Graduate Entrance Tuition Award

Awarded on the basis of academic excellence to an incoming domestic Gender Studies MA student

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