The Poole Award in Women's and Gender Studies

Established in May 2012 by Alice Poole, Arts 1942, and awarded on the basis of academic excellence to funding-eligible Master’s students enrolled in Gender Studies in the School of Graduate Studies, and who have a demonstrated research interest in studies related to increasing understanding of and action on improvement of the status of women. Selection will be made by the Awards Committee of the Department of Gender Studies.

Previous award winners

2022-23: Faith Lollar
2021-22: Leeza James
2020-21: Amanda Watson
2019-20: Dorcas Okyere
2018-19: Natalie Zhang
2017-18: Kim Tran
2016-17: Sarah Carneiro
2015-16: Vanessa Yzaguirre-Robles
2014-15: Jamie Harnum
2013-14: Maria-Teresa Matani
2012-13: Yasmine Djerbal