Department Student Council (DSC)

Rebecca Laskin

Rebecca Laskin (Co-President)

Veronica Sewilski

Veronica Sewilski (Co-President)

Hello! Our names are Rebecca Laskin (she/her) and Veronica Sewilski (she/they) and we are your Gender Studies DSC Co-Presidents for 2021-22! We are committed to addressing the inequalities faced by Queen's students, building the Gender Studies community, as well as easing the ability to obtain information and resources for Gender Studies students. We are excited to represent the Gender Studies Department and hope to have an amazing year with you all!

2021-2022 DSC Executive

Co-Presidents: Rebecca Laskin and Veronica Sewilski

2nd Year Rep: Dalyah Schiarizza

3rd Year Rep: Nicholas McIlmoyle

4th/5th Year Rep: Kate Simpson

Event Coordinators: Carly Clemens and Cristina Soares

Senior Social Media Engagement/Graphic Designer: Charlie Atkinson

Junior Social Media Engagement/Graphic Designers: Chloe Whittaker, Adelaide Fisher

Beyond Gender Studies event (recording)

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