Kathleen A. Herman Prize in Gender Studies

Kathleen A. Herman Prize in Gender Studies was established by friends, colleagues and former students to honour Kathleen Herman for her wisdom, determination, perseverance in advancing the status of women at Queen's.

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Previous winners

2020-21: Dallas Cochran "Black Internationalism", Professor Yolande Bouka, POLS 443

2019-20: Dylyn Reid-Davies "Postcards from Nowhere", Professor Trish Salah, GNDS 370

2018-19: Samuel Maclennan "Queering Mary in Christian Feminist Theological Literature", Professor Tracy Trothen, RELS 312

2017-18: Kennedy MacMaster “Clitoraid: Yes, it is as bad as it sounds” Professor Yasmine Djerbal, GNDS 330

2016-17: Jacob Schroeter “The Masculine, Heterosexual, and White U.S. Military Regime: Online Discourse and the Media’s Reaction to the Abu Ghraib Scandal”, Professor Melissa Houghtaling, GNDS 215.

2015-16: Meghan Rand “Beyond Bad Blood: How Black Gay Men Remain Stigmatized by United States Blood Donation Policies”, Professor Melissa Houghtaling, GNDS 215.

2014-15: Annalise Chapman “Queering Ferguson, An Analysis of Transformative Justice and Alliance Work in Ferguson Protest Movements” submitted by Professor Cameron Greensmith, GNDS 280.

2013-14: Amanda Kraft “Teaching Normalcy: Exercises of Power, Constructions of National Identity, and the Emergence of Sex Education in Ontario, 1871-1950”, Professor Brittney Bos, HIST 465.

2012-13: Sean Jackson “Female Genital Mutilation or Genital Cosmetic Surgery: Is There a Difference?” submitted to Professor Chowdhury in GNDS 401.

2011-12: Shawn Tripp “Haiti on the Periphery: Representational and Material Inequality in the Production of HIV/AIDS Discourse in Haiti 1975-85”; Healy Thompson, GNDS 320.

2010-11: Brittany Whalen “Racism at Queen’s: How effective is a ‘Gender Studies’ education in reducing racial prejudice?”, Professor Little, GNDS 345.

2009-10: Lauren Horwood “A Badass Black Femme: Negotiating Desire, (Dis)Identity and Performance in Etang Inyang’s Badass Supermama”, Professor Katherine McKittrick, WMNS 412.

2008-09: Ariella Gross-Grand “SOUL FOOD: A Critical (Self) Reflection”, Professor Sarita Srivastava, WMNS 440.

2007-08: Laura Levick “Identity Crisis: The Evolving Relationship Between Feminine and Nationalist Identities in Quebec and France”, POLS 382.

2006-07: Natalie Gorska “Hegemonic Masculinity: Not the Norm”, POLS 382.

2005-06: Beth Ferguson “Native Identity: Geographies of (Un)Belonging”, WMNS 432.

2004-05: Elisa Wynne-Hughes “The Reincarnation of the Oral Tradition”, WMNS 432.

2003-04: Deborah Aarts “The Politics of Femininity: Propoganda, Representation and the Gendered Political Body in the Militant Women’s Suffrage Movement in Britain, 1903-1914”, HIST 465.

2002-03: Adrienne Boudreau “Maquila Work: Gender on the Line”, WMNS 330.

2001-02: Rowan Weaver “The Slave Narrative as Historical Autobiography: Writing the Racialized and Gendered “Self” in Harriet Jacobs, Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl” and Frederick Douglass’s Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave, Written by Himself”, IDIS 302.

2001-02: Kirsten Leng “The Body as a Battlefield: Rape as a Weapon of War During the Bosnia-Herzegovina Conflict”, WMNS 330.

2000-01: Michelle Teixeira “Towards Reconciliation: Reframing the Sadomasochism Debate in Feminism”, WMNS-310.

1999-2000: Sarah Beemer “Sexual Abuse: A Personal Experience and The Sheldon Kennedy Case”, WMNS 100.

1999-2000: Tracey Taylor “The Love Letters of Frieda and Bud”, HIST 465.