Vol 6 No 1 (2019): Race and Racialization in the Canadian Context

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This issue covers a range of important and and relevant topics, with all three articles focusing on matters of race and racialisation in the Canadian context.

hampton and Hartman's piece explores the different processes of racialization of Muslim women and Black men in the wake of the tragic deaths of two young people in Québec: Naïma Rharouity, a Muslim woman and mother of two who died following an accident in a metro station and Alain Magloire, a Black man and father of two killed by the Montreal police. 

Rosa's article delves into various uses of the term “diversity” in Toronto’s oldest and largest public housing project, Regent Park in order to shed light on tensions between various types of diversity, thereby challenging the potential for the framework to address structural inequality via revitalization. 

Brown's piece highlights the concept of cultural wealth within the pursuit of higher education, uncovering six categories of cultural wealth that contributed to the success of women of colour in their doctoral programs at a Canadian university.

Stinson provides an illuminating book review on Mohawk interruptus: Political life across the borders of settler states, by Simpson, A. (2014).