Katherine McKittrickCongratulations to Professor Katherine McKittrick whose book "Dear Science and Other Stories" has won the 2021 Meridian Book Award for Outstanding Scholarly Work in Geography, from the American Association of Geographers.  The AAG Meridian Book Award is awarded annually to a book that makes an unusually important contribution to advancing the science and art of geography.

Katherine McKittrick's Dear Science and Other Stories (Duke University Press, 2021) presents incredibly rich conceptual and methodological contributions for researchers in human geography and beyond. This innovative book traces how multiple forms of Black scholarship, art, and indeed, Black life, move through and beyond the straits of knowledge systems co-constituted with and emergent from white supremacy. McKittrick’s writing on the forms of productive and destructive erasure that confront Black geographies will become necessary and likely transformative reading for scholars within and beyond the discipline.

With information from the Association of American Geographers.