Elizabeth Brulé

Elizabeth Brulé

Assistant Professor

Gender Studies

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PhD (Social Justice Education), OISE, University of Toronto
MES (Environmental Studies), York University
Honours BSc (Biology), University of Guelph

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Research interests
Institutional Ethnographer; Social Organization of Knowledge; Indigenous feminist, anti-racist and anti-colonialist theory and Indigenous feminist politics

My present research focuses on Indigenous decolonization and resurgence practices including Indigenizing post-secondary curriculum, Indigenous youth activism and Missing and Murdered Women, Girls, Transgender and Two-spirit persons. Grounded in Indigenous feminist and critical race theory, and the social organization of knowledge scholarship, my area of specialization is in the field of comparative sociology in higher education with an analytic focus in critical pedagogical approaches to learning and alternative research methodologies, including Indigenous and anti-racist research methods and Institutional Ethnography. My present book project is an institutional ethnographic analysis of the ways in which marginalized student advocacy work intersects with the changing policies and practices of post-secondary neoliberal education reforms. I am of Métis and Franco-Ontarian ancestry of the Mattawa-Ottawa territory of the Algonquin First Nations and the Métis Nation.

2021-2025, SSHRC Insight Grant, Awarded $95,655.00 Principle. Decolonizing the Academy: Indigenizing the University Seven Generations in the Future

Refereed Journal Articles
2021. E. Brulé. “When COVID Hit, Our Worlds Turned Upside Down: An Anti-racist Feminist ethnographic reflection on post-secondary accommodations and the work of disability and care work” In Andrea O’Reilly and Fiona Joy Green Eds. Mothers, Mothering and COVID-19: Dispatches from a Pandemic, Toronto: Demeter Press.
2020. E. Brulé. Speaking Freely vs Dignitary Harms: Balancing Students’ Freedom of      Expression and Associational Rights with their Right to Equitable Learning Environments. Atlantis: Critical Studies in Gender, Culture and Social Justice, “Speaking freely and freedom of speech: feminist navigating the ‘new’ Right.”41 (1), pp. 21-33. 

2018. E. Brulé.  “Casting an Indigenous Feminist Worldview on Gender-Based Violence Prevention Programs,” Special Issue of Studies in Social Justice, “Activist in Academy, Feminists in the Field: In Memoriam Jackie Kirk, 1968-2008," 12(2), pp. 337-344.

2018. E. Brulé & R. Kolezar-Green.(2018, Fall). “Cedar, Tea and Stories: Two Indigenous Women Scholars Talk About Indigenizing the Academy.” Special Issue of Cultural and Pedagogical Inquiry, “Spirit and Heart: Indigenous People contest the formal and lived curricula,” 10(2), pp. 109-118.

2015. E. Brulé. “Voices from the Margins: The Regulation of Student Activism in the New Corporate University.” Special Issue of Studies in Social Justice, “Scholar- Activist Terrain in Canada and Ireland II,” 9(2), pp.159-175.

Book Chapters
2004. E. Brulé. “Going to Market: Neo-Liberalism and the Social Construction of the University Student as an Autonomous Consumer.” In Marilee Reimer (Ed.), Inside Corporate U: Women in the Academy Speak Out. pp. 247-264. Toronto: Sumach Press.