Grace Adeniyi-Ogunyankin

Grace Adeniyi-Ogunyankin

Associate Professor and Canada Research Chair in Youth and African Urban Futures

Black Studies; Gender Studies

Joint Appointment with Geography & Planning

Graduate Chair

PhD (Gender, Feminist and Women’s Studies), York University
Master of Public Administration, Queen's University
BA Honours (Psychology and Global Development Studies), Queen's University

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Research interests
African Urban Futures, Racial Geographies,  Black Popular Culture, African Feminisms, Sexuality and Urban Space in Africa, Gender and Urbanization,  Critical Race Theory, Postcolonial Theory, Decolonial Theory, and Global Political Economy of Development

Recent Publications
Adeniyi Ogunyankin, G. (2019) “The city of our dream”: Owambe urbanism and low-income women’s resistance in Ibadan, Nigeria'. International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, 43(3), 423-441.

Adeniyi Ogunyankin, G. (2019).  In/Out of Nigeria: Transnational research and the politics of identity and knowledge production. Gender, Place & Culture 26(10), 1386–1401

Adeniyi Ogunyankin, G. (2019). Postcolonial approaches to the study of African politics in Cheeseman, N. (ed) Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Politics. New York: Oxford University Press.

Adeniyi Ogunyankin, G. (2019). Mothering, urbanization and Africa. O’Brien Hallestein, L, O’Reilly, A. & Vandenbeld Giles, M. The Routledge companion to motherhood. Pp. 414-425.

Adeniyi Ogunyankin, G. (2018). A “scented declaration of progress”: Globalization, Afropolitan imagineering, and familiar orientations. Antipode, 50(5), 1145–1165.

Bawa, S. & Adeniyi Ogunyankin, G. (2018).  (Un)African women:  Identity, class and moral geographies in postcolonial times. African Identities, 16(4), 444-459.

Adeniyi Ogunyankin, G. (2018). Dislocation, mimicry and the geography of belonging in Sefi Atta’s A Bit of Difference (pp. 139-153) in Fongang, D. (ed) The postcolonial subject in transit: Migration, borders and subjectivity in African diaspora literature. Lexington Books.