Kesha Fevrier

Kesha Fevrier

Assistant Professor and Queen’s National Scholar

Black Studies; Department of Geography and Planning

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B.A. University of the West Indies, Mona Campus Jamaica 
MES York University 
PhD York University 

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Research interests
Black Ecologies, Black Geographies, Geographies of Waste, Critical Resource Geographies, Urban Political Ecology, Globalization, Work and Social Justice, Critical Environmental Justice Studies

My research unfolds broadly at the intersection of race and space. I am particularly interested in how this co-constitutive relationship informs the everyday lived experiences of marginalized groups in the global South. Through a case study of electronic waste recycling in Ghana, my last research project demonstrated how the politics of race and ethnicity coalesce in Ghana to inform the value of space, shaping through discriminatory and harmful acts, the urban sphere, and the identities and experiences of informal waste workers, creating in its wake distinct, uneven, racial/ethnic geographies and landscapes. My immediate research interest remains focused on unpacking the idea of waste-as-commodity and exploring the ability of waste in commodity-form to transform local geographies as it traverses geo-political borders. In paying particular attention to the tensions, conflicts and the socio-ecological, and spatial transformations produced, and the livelihoods shaped as a result of the circulation of things, my research offers critical insights into global material flows and the connections, ruptures and (dis)articulations that define such flows across space.

Student Supervision:
I am open to supervising students with complementary research interests.  I am particularly interested in supporting students from equity-seeking groups and exploring ways to increase accessibility for students traditionally underrepresented in academic institutions.

Curriculum Vitae (pdf, 139kB)