Laura Kellough-Pollock

Laura Kellough-Pollock

PhD Student

Gender Studies

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Supervisor: burcu baba, Trish Salah
Research interests: sexual violence; reproductive justice; economic justice; feminist discourse analysis; feminist media analysis

Hello! I am a PhD student in the Department of Gender Studies. Originally from Victoria, British Columbia, I completed my Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Gender Studies at the University of Victoria. For my honours thesis, I examined the feminist potential and limitations of the rape-revenge film genre. I completed my Master of Arts in Gender Studies at Queen's University. For my master's research, I engaged in a feminist discourse analysis of Reddit threads and examined women's experiences of non-penile-penetrative sexual violence. I explored how victimized women navigate the heteronormative and phallocentric construction of “real” rape as dependent on penile-penetration. My doctoral research examines the sexual violence prevention content in British Columbia's K-12 curriculum. It challenges the current curriculum and advocates for comprehensive sexual violence prevention education that recognizes all forms of sexual violence as real and harmful.