Dear All,

You may have already heard that some Queen’s students organized and attended a “coronavirus-themed” party on the weekend. In the face of the great human tragedy that is unfolding and many human lives that have already been lost, it is appalling and disgraceful that anyone would consider this an occasion for a party. 

We applaud Principal Dean’s statement calling on the Queen’s community to support and care for one another. However, it is also important to state that there are racist and xenophobic events happening on campus and that these must stop. We are greatly distressed to hear of incidents of coronavirus related racism and xenophobia being perpetrated against Chinese students at Queen’s, and to hear of the toll this is taking on some students’ health and their ability to focus on their studies.

The Department of Gender Studies condemns racism and xenophobia in the many ways it manifests at Queen’s, and applauds the work of students, faculty, and staff to build a more inclusive, diverse and supportive university campus.

If you or someone you know are being adversely affected by these events, please know there are supports available on campus.

Students can make an appointment at Student Wellness Services, or call Good2Talk or EmpowerMe for support. There are also International Student Advisors at the Queen’s University International Center (QUIC), who are available to talk about how the outbreak is impacting you. You can also contact Faith and Spiritual Life.

Queen's employees and their families can contact their Employee and Family Assistance Program through Homewood Health at 1-800-663-1142 or 1-866-398-9505.

In solidarity,
Elaine Power
Head, Department of Gender Studies

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