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Matthew Busbridge

History was my absolutely favourite subject in high-school and I wanted to study what I was interested in! My Dad had a History degree and a successful career in business so I figured I'd take the same path. It worked!

I was most interested in contemporary American History and 17th-19th century British History so that's what I ended up focusing on. One of my most memorable courses included "Conspiracy and Dissent in 20th Century America" taught by Professor Geoff Smith and I wrote my thesis on Ship Money - a nonparliamentary tax first levied by the English crown on coastal cities and counties for naval defense in time of war. I re-read it every once in a while and still can't believe I put something like that together (kudos to Professor Charles Prior for his patience and support).

After graduating from Queen's I moved to Toronto to pursue a career in business at McGraw-Hill Education, a leading publisher now turned Education Technology company. They specifically recruited me because of the well rounded education that Queen's gave me. I went on to complete my MBA at Western, spent 10 years of my career in New York, and now work for Amazon in Toronto leading a new business focused on B2B sales.

Your Queen's History education is an experience that will prepare you for success in the field of your choosing. The ability to think critically, express yourself eloquently, and write well are skills I developed and sharpened at Queen's and still use today!

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