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The Making of Modern Europe

Image of an etching showing a soldier, a clergyman, and a peasant carrying equally carrying the weight on their shoulders of the "dette Nationale" from France, 1789
Le Temps présent veut que chacun suporte le grand fardeau &c : dette nationale, impôt territorial : [estampe]. Carl de Vinck. Images de la Révolution française / Images of the French Revolution, Stanford Libraries.

This course charts the making of Modern Europe from the middle of the seventeenth century through to the middle of the twentieth century. The course will focus on the different processes, events, and ideologies that created modern Europe and key parts of the modern world order, notably political revolution and changing notions of citizenship; the emergence of global capitalism and consumerism; colonialism; fascism and communism; and world war.  

Department of History, Queen's University

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