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Students Bust Medieval Myths in HIST 402: Sex and Death in the Middle Ages

As part of HIST 402: Sex and Death in the Middle Ages, students created original vlogs which explored a medieval myth they would like to bust. This can be any preconception that we might have today about the medieval past, for example 'medieval people were dirty and smelly' or 'no one had sex before marriage'. This project allowed students to develop thoughtful and compelling arguments based on primary and secondary sources and analyse the Middle Ages from multi- and inter-disciplinary perspectives. It also gave them the opportunity to create a digital output which not only challenges preconceptions about the Middle Ages, but also allows them to have something tangible to put on the resumes and discuss in applications for further study or their future career.

Emily Bacon's vlog examines the scientific advancements in medicine during the Middle Ages.

Shira Greenstein's vlog which explores myths relating to women and childbirth in the Middle Ages.

Dr. Claire Kennan offered HIST 402: Sex and Death in the Middle Ages to upper-year students at Bader College during the summer of 2023. 

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