Department of History

Department of History
Department of History

Samuel Tsegai

MA Candidate



Bachelor’s degree in History
Eritrea Institute of Technology in 2010


My name is Samuel Emaha Tsegai. I did a bachelor’s degree in History from Eritrea Institute of Technology in 2010. Until September 2015, I worked as a Graduate Assistant in the department of History in the College of Arts and Social Sciences, and as a lecturer in philosophy and modern Eritrean history at the department of Theatrical Arts at the SMAP Institute of Training, Education, and Research, Asmara. I also worked as a junior researcher and writer with Eritrea’s Research and Documentation Center (RDC), in the capacity of which, I co-wrote a short Eritrean history textbook for the ruling party’s political education programme,  a work which has been translated into two local languages and English. While at RDC, I was also involved in developing and writing high school history textbooks for Eritrea’s ministry of education. As part of my deep interest in literature, I have translated Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot to my native language, Tigrigna.

My general interest is Eritrean colonial and postcolonial history, and the history of Ottoman and African connections. I will be working under the supervision of  Prof. Awet Woldemichael.