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Caroline-Isabelle Caron


Caroline-Isabelle Caron joined the History department faculty in 2002.

Her specialty is 19th and 20th-century Francophone cultural history. In her research, she looks at representations of the past, in the form of genealogies and commemorations, and at representations of the future, in the form of science fiction, to get a better sense, a closer glimpse, at Acadian and Québec collective encyclopedias, in Umberto Eco's sense of the word, i.e. the sum of the experiences and representations possessed by a person, and more generally, by a collectivity, which enables them to understand their world, and act and react to various experiences. She is recently concluded a major research project on Acadian commemorations in 19th and 20th century Nova Scotia. Her new project looks at Quebec 20th-century societal anxieties as reflected in speculative fiction and media since the mid-20th century.

Selected Publications


  • Jerome : Mystery Man of Baie Sainte-Marie/Jérôme: Mystery Man of Baie Sainte-Marie, in coll. with Lise A. Robicheau, on the Great Unsolved Mysteries in Canadian History Website, Launched 15 April 2007.
  • 2008 recipient MERLOT award for best educational website
  • 2008 recipient Pierre Berton Award for an outstanding contribution to the popularization of Canadian histor

Articles and Book Chapters

  • « La généalogie au Québec et en Acadie depuis la fin du XXIe siècle et son évolution de la fin du siècle dernier. » In Faire son temps. Usages publics du passé dans les francophonies nord-américaines, Martin Pâquet, ed., PUL (Coll. « Culture française d’Amérique-CÉFAN »), 2017: 133-149;
  • « Of Exoduses and Raptures: A Theological look at Battlestar Galactica », TV/SÉRIES, no thématique « Philosopher avec Battlestar Galactica », 11 (2017) :
  • "'It's All in Books!' : Time Travel and Pedagogy in Television's Voyagers!". In Time Travel Television. The Past from the Present, the Future from the Past, Sherry Ginn and Gillian I. Leitch, eds. Lanham, et al., Rowman & Littlefield, 2015: 93-103.
  • “L'Acadie dans la tête : représentations généalogiques de l'Acadie ancienne au Québec”, In Actes du colloque L’Acadie des origines : mythes et figurations d’un parcours littéraire et historique, Jean Morency, Hélène Destrempe and James de Finney, eds. Sudbury, Éditions Prise de Parole, 2011: 57-70.
  • « Note de recherche: Y'a jamais eu de Grand Dérangement. Représentations acadiennes de la Déportation au XXe siècle », Mens, XI.1 (aut. 2010) : 78-93.
  • "Pour une nouvelle vision de l'Acadie" dans Balises et références. Acadies, francophonies, In Martin Pâquet and Stéphane Rivard, eds., PUL (Coll. "Culture française d'Amérique-CÉFAN"), 2007 : 433-460.
  • "Translating Trek: Re-writing an American Icon in a Francophone Context", Journal of American Culture, 26.3 (Sept. 2003): 329-55:

Department of History, Queen's University

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