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Rosanne Currarino


Rosanne Currarino studies the economic, intellectual, and cultural history of nineteenth-century America. Her book The Labor Question in America: Economic Democracy in the Gilded Age (Working Class in American History Series, University of Illinois Press, 2011) examines diverse efforts to redefine the parameters of democratic participation in industrial America. Her new project, “Oranges, Inc.: Incorporating America from the Ground Up, 1870-1910” looks at Southern California’s early orange growers – the men and women who eventually formed Sunkist – in order to reconsider how we understand the incorporation of America during the Gilded Age.  This project is supported by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council. She is co-editor of The Journal of the Gilded Age and Progressive Era

Selected Publications


  • “Our Gilded Age,” Journal of the Gilded Age and Progressive Era, 19 (April 2020): 321-336
  • “Transition Questions,” Journal of Gilded Age and Progressive Era 15 (July 2016): 263-277
  • “Toward a History of Cultural Economy,” Journal of the Civil War Era 2 (December 2012): 564-585
  • “‘The Revolution Now In Progress’: Social Economics and the Labor Question,” Labor History 50 (February 2009): 1-17
  • “The Politics of ‘More’: The Labor Question and the Idea of Economic Liberty in Industrial America,” Journal of American History 93 (June 2006): 17-36
  • “Meat vs. Rice: Working-Class Manhood and Anti-Chinese Hysteria,” Men and Masculinities 9 (April 2007): 476-490
  • “‘To Taste of Life's Sweets’: The Eight-Hour Movement and the Origins of Modern Liberalism,” Labor's Heritage 12 (Spring/Summer 2004): 22-33

Department of History, Queen's University

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