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Principal’s Global Scholars and Fellows Program

The Principal’s Global Scholars and Fellows Program is a university-wide initiative to support faculty, post-doctoral fellows, and students displaced by war, conflict, and political instability from a variety of geographic and social locations.

The program is comprised of two streams. The first—Principal’s Global Scholars—serves to connect undergraduates and graduates with streamlined admission options and funding to support their learning. The second stream—Principal’s Global Fellows—provides displaced faculty members and post-doctoral fellows with one year of support to continue their academic work.

We look forward to welcoming Principal’s Global Scholars and Fellows to campus starting in April 2022.

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Principal’s Global Scholars

Principal’s Global Scholars provides forcibly displaced students with an admissions pathway and funding to complete their degree at Queen’s.

The program is open to applications from undergraduate and graduate students in all degree programs offered at Queen’s. Consideration is given to the unique circumstances of the applicant. If students are admitted to their program of study, financial support may include funding for tuition, fees, and an amount for housing and living expenses.

The Principal’s Global Scholars are identified through one of two pathways:

1) Through Queen’s long-standing partnership with the World University Service of Canada (WUSC) Student Refugee Program.

This program provides resettlement in Canada and access to post-secondary education to refugees in selected countries of asylum. The Principal’s Global Scholars and Fellows Program expands Queen’s commitment to WUSC and we encourage interested applicants to visit WUSC for information on how to apply.

2) Through admission pathways and scholarships for forcibly displaced students who would not have access to the WUSC Student Refugee Program, including:

  • individuals displaced by war, conflict, or political instability who are eligible for a study permit and temporary residence visa / electronic travel authorization (eTA)
  • individuals living in Canada who have already arrived with refugee status
  • individuals living in Canada who have precarious immigration or undocumented status
  • individuals displaced by violence, war, and political instability who face unique barriers

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Principal’s Global Fellows

Principal’s Global Fellows offers support to forcibly displaced faculty members and post-doctoral fellows.

For Faculty Members

Support for displaced faculty members is provided through Queen’s existing partnerships with Scholars at Risk, the Institute of International Education’s Scholar Rescue Fund and Artist Protection Fund, the New University in Exile Consortium, and other international and national organizations. Support is provided for one academic year, with the possibility of renewal.

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For Post-Doctoral Fellows

Queen’s provides Post-Doctoral Fellowships to allow forcibly displaced PhD graduates to continue their academic work at Queen’s for one year. This is a new initiative, offered through the School of Graduate Studies and Post-Doctoral Affairs and the Office of the Vice-Principal (Research).

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Individuals interested in applying to be a Principal’s Global Post-Doctoral Fellow in any discipline should contact global@queensu.ca.