Partnership Principles

Principles guide the way we engage with our global partners

Queen's is taking a values-driven approach to building global partnerships that are intentional, sustainable, equitable, and mutually beneficial. We acknowledge the complexity of applying these specific principles on a broad, global scale – it requires flexibility and continuous reflection.

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Queen’s Global Engagement Strategic Plan 2023-2028

This document was drafted in alignment with Queen's Strategy based on extensive community consultation. It presents a university-wide principled approach to global engagement. 

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Partnership Principles Report

This document provides direction for how we can engage with global partners in a way that is consistent with the values of Queen’s Global Engagement Strategic Plan and the Queen’s Strategy more broadly.

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Our Guiding Principles


Deliberate ethical engagement with partners, prioritizing cultural humility and respect.


Sustainable partnerships are those that are not only long-lasting but are conscious about the impacts that they have across domains (environmental, institutional, financial, societal, etc.)


Equitable partnerships promote access and inclusion in all aspects of education, creating a global knowledge community in which all participants, in their intersectional diversity, can bring their perspectives and ways of knowing to global questions.

Mutual Benefit

Mutually beneficial partnerships are reciprocal and bi-directional between diverse communities locally and globally seeking to co-create and co-design partnerships that is rooted in local contexts.


Equitable collaboration with our partners is central to realizing the Queen’s Global Engagement Strategic Plan, including, but not limited to, the following objectives:

  • Embed Queen’s in the global community through mutually beneficial partnerships to co-create a better university, city, region, and world.
  • Cultivate critical and innovative thinkers equipped and committed to creating a more just, inclusive, and sustainable society.
  • Create and mobilize knowledge to address the world’s more complex problems.
  • Develop a campus environment in which international students, faculty members, postdoctoral fellows, and staff are respected, valued and can thrive.
  • Enhance university-wide collaboration and capacity on global engagement.
  • Demonstrate our impact by telling Queen’s story globally.

By enacting our guiding principles, we will work in tandem with our partners in mobilizing knowledge and creating a sustainable society. 

Priority Sustainable Partnerships for Queen's University

  • Engagements with Indigenous knowledge in different contexts (especially in Canada) and with diasporic immigrant communities as a way to make connections between local and global issues, identifying new approaches to Indigenous global engagement.
  • Engagements with diasporic immigrant communities at home and abroad to further the principles and understandings of global engagement.
  • Global engagement to actively advance the sustainability and stewardship objectives of the UN SDGs.

Queen's University is actively enacting these guiding principles.

Email us at if you have questions about this value-led approach to global engagement.

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