Why study in LLCU?

If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart.

Nelson Mandela

There are many reasons why you should opt for a degree in languages or linguistics  and we list only the most valuable ones, but keep in mind that at LLCU you will gain invaluable skills and discover worlds you never thought they exist!

Studying languages for personal growth will make you more confident and independent and encourage the respect of other cultures and people. Learning a new language improves memory and helps you better understand your own language and culture.You will be able to get in touch with distant relatives and communicate with them. Your travels will never be the same! Being able to communicate with locals, ordering food in a restaurant or even asking for directions will give you a better experience of the culture and people. Reading magazines and newspapers in original introduces you to different views and opinions. Linguistics students learn how to make accurate decisions in urgent situations during their studies, and because of that they develop a profound ability to solve problems. Learning a foreign language or linguistics rules is an important personal achievement that will help you become more capable and confident. Last but not the least, knowledge of languages and linguistics has been proven to have beneficial influence on memory and helps slow down cognitive decline and mental aging.

Speaking another language and knowing the rules that govern languages will be an important asset in your academic life. Linguistics students are known for learning foreign language faster and for being adapt interpreters, due to their ability to process and analyze speech. Through learning languages and linguistics, students develop strong analytical and abstract thinking skills, allowing them to analyze a range of possible outcomes and be more flexible and creative. This is ability easily applicable to most of the disciplines. Knowing foreign grammar and linguistics rules helps with better understanding of English language. You will develop efficiency in written and oral communication and be able to express ideas in clear, concise ways. Speaking foreign languages also opens the door to a study abroad experience, giving you an excellent opportunity for an immersion in the language and culture and also setting you apart from other students. By reading sources in original you will allow you for a competitive edge in your academic research.

Through studies in languages, literatures and cultures and linguistics, students acquire valuable transferrable skills, appreciated in a wide range of careers. They are the general abilities useful across a range of different jobs and industries such as communication, critical thinking, analysis, interpretation, organization. Language and linguistics students are also accustom at  team work  which is very often the essential element to employment in the current labour market. Learning languages will also give you knowledge of other cultures and ability to communicate between cultures. Knowing languages makes you an asset in any company that is involved in the international trade- you can attract international clients and sales to your company by being able to communicate in their native languages. Possible career choices for graduates in languages and linguistics are foreign language teaching, teaching English as a Second Language (TESL), bilingual education, speech pathology and speech therapy, translating and interpreting, international law, journalism, computational fields related to language and speech technology, tourism, diplomatic service or immigration.

Read the brochure "Language Study in the Age of Globalization", prepared by the Modern Language Association ( MLA).