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The world can seem like a big place, but through LLCU you get a glimpse into its diverse parts. The Department is a vibrant unit covering Anishinaabemowin, Arabic, Chinese, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Mohawk, Oneida, Portuguese and Spanish languages and cultures. We also offer a popular program in Linguistics!

Studying Languages or Linguistics has many advantages for personal growth and future careers. Learning another language can give you the ability to step inside the mind of a culture and express yourself in a new way – opening many career possibilities in our globalized society. Speaking a foreign language opens the door to a study abroad experience, giving you an excellent opportunity for an immersion in the language and culture and setting you apart from other students.

Through learning Languages and Cultures or Linguistics, you develop strong analytical thinking skills, allowing you to analyze possible outcomes and be more flexible and creative. This ability is a valuable complement to any discipline – making LLCU not only a major but a very popular minor to many Queen’s degrees such as History, Art History, Politics and Global Development Studies.

Students can choose from a wide selection of Plans: 

  • Major: Hispanic Studies; Indigenous Studies; Languages, Literatures and Cultures; Linguistics
  • Medial: Hispanic Studies; Indigenous Studies
  • Minor/General: German, Hispanic Studies, Indigenous Studies; Italian; Linguistics; Spanish and Latin American Studies; World Language Studies

These Plans provide students with an understanding of multiple methodologies, the competence to engage in critical research, analyze, and engage in research within the specific Plan.


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