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Research is a core component of the mission of Queen’s University. A member of the U15, a group of Canada’s leading research-intensive universities, Queen’s ranks highly in terms of research funding and research intensity amongst universities nationally. The LLCU’s breadth and diversity in research includes Linguistics and Hispanic, Italian, German, Spanish  and Indigenous languages, literatures and cultures. Furthermore, our faculty tackle international social concerns from diverse cultural angles.

Recent publications of our faculty members are:

Dr. Christiane Arndt

"Fantastische Bazillen. Fotografie in der Gesundheitserziehung der Familienzeitschriften des 19. Jahrhunderts/Fantastic Germs. Photography as a Medium of Public Health in 19th-Century Family Journals." In: Fotogeschichte. Beiträge zur Geschichte and Ästhetik der Fotografie. Heft 138/2015 Jg. 35, Fotografie and Medizin. Von der Glasplatte zur Simulation, ed. Anna Lammers, p. 39-46.

Dr. Bronwyn Bjorkman

Syntactic Structures and Morphology. In Syntactic Structures 60 years on. Eds. N. Hornstein, H. Lasnik, P. Patel-Grosz, and C. Yang. De Gruyter Mouton.  14pp. In press.

How to do things with verbs. A Pesky Set: Papers for David Pesetsky Eds. C. Halpert, H. Kotek, and C. van Urk. MIT Working Papers in Linguistics volume 80. 2017. Cambridge MA: MITWPL. 10pp.

Singular they and the syntactic representation of gender in English. Glossa. 2(1): 80.2017. \textsc{doi:} 10.5334/gjgl.374 [open access]

with Claire Halpert. In an imperfect world: deriving the typology of counterfactual marking.  Modality Across Syntactic Categories, ed. María Luisa Rivero, Ana Arregui, and Andrés Salanova. OUP. 2017. 157-178.

with Elizabeth Cowper. Possession and necessity: from individuals to worlds. Lingua Special Issue: Understanding Possession, ed. E. Schoorlemmer and B. Le Bruyn. DOI: 10.1016/j.lingua.2016.02.002 [on lingbuzz (final version)]

with Ewan Dunbar. Finite-state phonology predicts a typological gap in cyclic stress assignment (squib). Linguistic Inquiry 47(2). 2016. DOI: 10.1162/ling-a-00215 [pre-publication pdf]

Go get, come see: motion verbs, morphological restrictions, and syncretism. Natural Language & Linguistic Theory 34(1): 53--91.2016. DOI: 10.1007/s11049-015-9301-0 [pre-publication pdf] [available online via Springer]

with Elizabeth Copwer. Where there is, and why. 2015 CLA Conference Proceedings/Actes du Congrès de l'ACL 2015. [2015 CLA proceedings]

with Elizabeth Copwer, Daniel Currie Hall, Rebecca Tollan, and Neil Banerjee. There's no future in Old English. 2015 CLA Conference Proceedings/Actes du Congrès de l'ACL 2015. [2015 CLA proceedings]

Dr. Daniel F. Chamberlain

Or Words to That Effect. Orality and the writing of literary history. Edited by Daniel F. Chamberlain and J. Edward Chamberlin. Comparative History of Literatures in European Languages, XXVIII]. John Benjamins, 2016.

This volume raises questions about why oral celebrations of language receive so little attention in published literary histories when they are simultaneously recognized as fundamental to our understanding of literature. It aims to prompt debate regarding the transformations needed for literary historians to provide a more balanced and fuller appreciation of what we call literature, one that acknowledges the interdependence of oral storytelling and written expression, whether in print, pictorial, or digital form. Rather than offering a summary of current theories or prescribing solutions, this volume brings together distinguished scholars, conventional literary historians, and oral performer-practitioners from regions as diverse as South Africa, the Canadian Arctic, the Roma communities of Eastern Europe and the music industry of the American West in a conversation that engages the reader directly with the problems that they have encountered and the questions that they have explored in their work with orality and with literary history.


Liminalities: A Journal of Performance Studies. Special Issue: Poetry in Public Spaces. Including: "Poetry, Public Spaces, and Radical Meeting Places — Invitation." Guest Editors: Cornelia Gräbner & Daniel F. Chamberlain. Vol. 11, No. 3 (August 2015) 


Dr. Jennifer Ruth Hosek

Seminar. Special Issue: Berlin. Including "Introduction: Narrating the New Berlin: Site, Sound, Image, Word." Editors: Jennifer Hosek with Karin Bauer. 2015.

"Tracing Germany in the Cuban Imaginary." Co-authored with Victor Fowler Calzada. In Comrades of Color: East Germany, the Global South and the Frictions of Solidarity. Ed. Quinn Slobodian. New York: Berghahn. 2015.

In keeping with the tenets of socialist internationalism, the political culture of the German Democratic Republic strongly emphasized solidarity with the non-white world: children sent telegrams to Angela Davis in prison, workers made contributions from their wages to relief efforts in Vietnam and Angola, and the deaths of Patrice Lumumba, Ho Chi Minh, and Martin Luther King, Jr. inspired public memorials. Despite their prominence, however, scholars have rarely examined such displays in detail. Through a series of illuminating historical investigations, this volume deploys archival research, ethnography, and a variety of other interdisciplinary tools to explore the rhetoric and reality of East German internationalism

Rodando en La Habana: bicycle stories. (Jaime Santos, 30 min.) Pancha Producciónes. Associate Director; Research, Development and Production; Subtitles; Camera 3. Premiere at New Latin American Cinema, Havana. December 2015.




Dr. Claudio Palomares Salas

Gabino Palomares: A History of Canto Nuevo in Mexico”Music & Politics. Winter 2018. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press, 2018.;rgn=main

“Sketching Futurism: Güiraldes, Marinetti, and Buenos Aires, 1926.” International Yearbook of Futurism Studies. Vol. 7: 359-363. Berlin, Boston: De Gruyter, 2017.Print.

Stridentism Revisited?” International Yearbook of Futurism Studies. Vol. 7: 409-418. Berlin, Boston: De Gruyter, 2017. Print.

"Sefardismo y ficción fundacional: La Hija del Judío de Justo Sierra O’Reilly." Bulletin of Hispanic Studies. 94.2: 215-228. Liverpool: University of Liverpool Press, 2017. Print.

“El mapa”. Historias de Toronto. Ottawa: Ed. Lugar Común:147-163. Print.

Palomares Salas, Claudio; Carla Zurián de la Fuente. “El Café de Nadie: aproximaciones al mito”. Letras Hispanas 11.1 (2015): 19-29.



Dr. Donato Santeramo

Donatella Gavrilovich, Marisa Pizza & Donato Santeramo, eds., Franca Rame. Una vita mille avventure (Franca Rame. One Life A Thousand Adventures). With a preface by Dario Fo (1997 Nobel Laureate). “Arti dello spettacolo/Performing Arts”, n. 3 (special issue), 2016.

Donato Santeramo, “Franca Rame tra femminismo e ideologia” in Donatella Gavrilovich, Marisa Pizza & Donato Santeramo, eds., Franca Rame. Una vita mille avventure (Franca Rame. One Life A Thousand Adventures). With a preface by Dario Fo (1997 Nobel Laureate). “Arti dello spettacolo/Performing Arts”, n. 3 (special issue), 2016 pp. 71-81.

Gordon Craig e l’attore. Gli scritti su Eleonora Duse” in Vera Komissarzhevskaya meets Eleonora Duse The Joan of Arc of the Russian scene and the Divina of Italian theatre, special issue: “Arti dello spettacolo/Performing Arts”, Rome, 2016, pp. 84-91.

“La ciociara o della continuità: linguistica, narrativa e ideologica”, in Alberto Moravia e La ciociara. Letteratura. Storia. Cinema IV, Atti del Convegno internazionale, ed.,Angelo Fàvaro, Avellino: Biblioteca di Sinetesie, 2016, pp. 199-210.

Twentieth-Century Italian Playwrights. Edited By: F. Nardi, R. Capozzi, D. Pietropaolo & D. Santeramo. Rome, Universitalia, 2016, 2 Vols., pp. 615.

These volumes are meant to serve as an introduction to the lives and works of Italy’s major playwrights of the 20th century. Choices as to which playwrights to include were made based on their historical importance in Italian theater.