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Courses in the Hebrew language have been offered at Queen's since the University held its first classes in 1842. They were a central part of the University's curriculum during its early decades, when a large percentage of Queen's students studied theology and required knowledge of Hebrew for biblical studies. Since 1912, Queen’s has offered one introductory and one advanced course in the language, both to students at the Theological College and students in the Faculty of Arts and Science.

Our Department offers language acquisition classes up to intermediate level as well culture/literature courses. You can take Hebrew as electives; toward the Languages, Literatures and Cultures MajorJewish Studies Minor,  World Language Studies Minor or towards Linguistics Plans.

For Biblical Hebrew, please go to the Jewish Studies website for course offerings.

Click here  for a list of the current Course Offerings.

Course Code Title Description
HEBR 190/6.0 Introduction to Modern Hebrew

This course is designed for students with minimal or no background in Hebrew.  The course introduces students with the basic structure and usage of Modern Hebrew. 
PREREQUISITE: Permission of the instructor.

HEBR 294/3.0 Intermediate Modern Hebrew I

An extensive grammar review with practice in speaking, writing and translation, based on the reading of texts by modern Hebrew writers.
PREREQUISITE: HEBR 190/6.0 or permission of the instructor.

HEBR 295/3.0 Intermediate Modern Hebrew II

An extensive grammar review with practice in speaking, writing, and translation, based on the reading of texts by modern Hebrew writers. HEBR 295/3.0, when offered, is a direct continuation of HEBR 294/3.0.
PREREQUISITE:    HEBR 294/3.0, or permission of the instructor.

HEBR 301/3.0 Special Topics in Hebrew

Specialized study, as circumstances permit, of a particular author, genre, theme, movement, literary form or some combination of these elements.
PREREQUISITE: HEBR 294/3.0 or HEBR 291/6.0 or permission of the instructor.

HEBR 393/3.0 Reading Modern Hebrew Literature

Multi–narratives of contemporary Hebrew literature in translation:  
From the mid 19th century, the Hebrew language has been revived to answer a need for the Jewish people for cohesion and a unified form of expression that would bring together scattered diasporic groups. From few visionaries of the Haskalah (or enlightenment), and in less then 150 years, it has become the spoken and written language of more than 9 million people. Modern Hebrew literature was used as a means to enhance this vision, to rebel against it, and to provide a platform of expression of the myriad streams of Jews and non-Jewish people that live in Israel today.  The course will explore Hebrew literature in translation produced by multiple social groups with competing visions of “Israeliness” to reflect the complex fabric of contemporary Israeli society.  

Selections from current Israeli media including music, newspapers and television, as well as from modern Hebrew prose and poetry. The selections are studied in Hebrew; written assignments may be submitted in English.

HEBR 502/3.0 Directed Reading in Hebrew

Directed Hebrew reading of material not covered in other courses, appropriate to the student’s level.
PREREQUISITE:   Permission of the instructor or the Program Director.