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Anishinaabemowin is the language of the Anishinaabe nation, and one of the oldest and most historically important Native American languages in North America. The Anishinaabemowin was first taught at Queen's in fall term of 2017. The two courses (one in the fall and the continuation in the winter term) will give students rudimentary knowledge of the language and, through an exploration of traditions, philosophies and histories, an understanding of Ojibwe people.

The Department offers two semesters of Anishinaabe language and culture classes. You can count these courses towards an Indigenous Studies Minor, a World Language Studies Minor, an LLCU Major, a Linguistics Major or Minor, a Certificate in Indigenous Languages and Cultures, or take them as electives. 

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Course Title Description
ANSH 101/3.0 Beginning Anishinaabe Language and Culture I Offers a basic level of understanding, speaking, reading and writing for students with no knowledge of the language.
ANSH 102/3.0 Beginning Anishinaabe Language and Culture II Continuation of ANSH 101/3.0: offering a basic level of understanding, speaking, reading and writing in the language.
PREREQUISITE ANSH 101/3.0 in same language.