2023-24 Course Offerings

Final timetable details (class times, locations, and professors) for the 2023-24 academic year will be published in SOLUS on June 26th and shortly thereafter details for our Department's courses will also be available here:

2023-24 topics for any Special Topics courses can be found here.

Students interested in taking language courses, and who have previous experience and/or education in the language, should email the following information to us (llcu@queensu.ca) so that we can assess what level of course you should enroll in:

  • student name
  • student number
  • what experience you have with the language (e.g. did you grow up in a country or a household where the language was the predominant one spoken)
  • what formal education you have in the language (e.g. high school grade 11, or high school AP)

* For any discrepancies between this website and (i) SOLUS or (ii) the Arts and Science 2023-24 Academic Calendar, SOLUS or the Academic Calendar are considered to be the correct versions.

2023-24 Course Offerings - by Term

Fall 2023

ANSH   101     Beginning Anishinaabe Language & Culture I

ARAB   100A   Introductory Arabic
ARAB   201      Intermediate Arabic

CHIN    100A   Introductory Mandarin Chinese I
CHIN    200A   Introductory Mandarin Chinese II
CHIN    300A   Intermediate Mandarin Chinese

GRMN 101      Beginner's German I
GRMN 201      Intermediate German I

HEBR    190A  Introduction to Modern Hebrew
HEBR    294     Intermediate Modern Hebrew I

INDG    301     Indigenous Ways of Knowing: Resurgence Through

INDG    302     Indigenous Theories & Methodologies: Learning
                         Through Indigenous Worldviews

INDG    308A  Learning Together from the Land
INDG    401A  In Community Capstone: Research & Relationships

ITLN     111     Beginning Italian I
ITLN     204     Italiano Intermedio

JAPN    100A  Introductory Japanese I

JAPN    200A  Introductory Japanese II

LING    100A   Introduction to Linguistics
LING    202     Canadian English
LING    205     Language and Power

LING    310     Phonetics (hybrid delivery: virtual and in-person)

LING    330     Morphology
LING    415     Semantics

LLCU    101     Indigenous Language: Oneida (REMOTE)
LLCU    111     Introduction to Cultures
LLCU    200     Semiotics: Interpreting the World
LLCU    203     Introduction to Sociocultural Anthropology

LLCU    205     The Cultures of a Nation: Mexico
LLCU    205     The Cultures of a Nation: Portugal
LLCU    206     Rebel Cities

LLCU    213     Social History of Organized Crime in Canada

LLCU    214     Mafia Culture and the Power of Symbols, Rituals &
LLCU    247     The Dynamic History of Spain
LLCU    257     Pirandello's Theatre

LLCU    295     Special Topics: The Language & Cultures of Global
                         Hip Hop

LLCU    295     Special Topics: Music with Legs: Dance,
                         Transnationalism and Resilience
LLCU    295     Special Topics: Potential Worlds

LLCU    303     Applied Intercultural Communication

LLCU    311     Hispanic, Latino, Latinx? Introduction to Hispanic

LLCU    395     Special Topics: Classical Literature of Spain

MOHK 101     Beginning Mohawk Language & Culture I

MOHK 201     Intermediate Mohawk Language and Culture

PORT   103     Beginning Portuguese and Culture l

SPAN   111     Beginning Spanish I
SPAN   204     Español intermedio
SPAN   301     Gramática avanzada y composición I

SPAN   380     Introducción: Literatura de España I: Classical
                        Literature of Spain

Winter 2024

ANSH   102      Beginning Anishinaabe Language & Culture II

ARAB   100B    Introductory Arabic

CHIN    100B    Introductory Mandarin Chinese I
CHIN    200B    Introductory Mandarin Chinese II
CHIN    300B    Intermediate Mandarin Chinese

GRMN  102      Beginner's German II
GRMN  202      Intermediate German II
GRMN  420      Fascism in Europe

HEBR    190B    Introduction to Modern Hebrew
HEBR    393      Reading Modern Hebrew Literature

INDG    301      Indigenous Ways of Knowing: Exploring Indigenous
                          Visual Storytelling and Digital Artmaking for
                          Gender-Diverse Narratives

INDG    301      Indigenous Ways of Knowing:  Exploration of Contemporary

INDG    308B  Learning Together from the Land
INDG    401B  In Community Capstone: Research & Relationships

ITLN     111      Beginning Italian I
ITLN     112      Beginning Italian II
ITLN     205      Italiano Avanzato

JAPN    100B    Introductory Japanese I
JAPN    200B    Introductory Japanese II

LING    100B    Introduction to Linguistics
LING    210      Applied Linguistics: Language Acquisition & Learning
                         (hybrid delivery: virtual and in-person)
LING    320      Phonology
LING    340      Syntax
LING    350      Historical Linguistics

LING    490      Special Topics: Language, Gender, Sex

LLCU    102      Indigenous Language: Oneida (REMOTE)
LLCU    110      Linguistic Diversity and Identity
LLCU    111      Introduction to Cultures (online through ASO)

LLCU    216      Introduction to Arabic Culture
LLCU    244      Hips Don't Lie?: Music and Culture in Latin America
LLCU    248      Spanish American Cultural Contexts
LLCU    260      Multilingualism: Mixing, Purity & Everything in

LLCU    295      Special Topics: Sport and Global Relations CANCELLED
LLCU    302     Unsettling: Indigenous Peoples & Canadian Settler

LLCU    320      Fascism in Europe
LLCU    395     Special Topics: Modern Latin American Fiction
LLCU    395      Special Topics: Modern Literature of Spain
LLCU    395      Special Topics: Decolonization: Indigenous History
                          in Film

LLCU    403      Stories that Matter: Connecting Languages,
                          Literatures & Cultures

MOHK 102      Beginning Mohawk Language & Culture II
MOHK 202      Oral Mohawk Language

PORT   104      Beginning Portuguese and Culture lI

SPAN   111      Beginning Spanish I
SPAN   112      Beginning Spanish II
SPAN   205      Español avanzado
SPAN   206      Spanish Conversation and Culture
SPAN   302      Gramática avanzada y composición II

SPAN   352      Panorama literario latinoaméricano II
SPAN   381      Introducción: Literatura de España II: Modern
                         Literature of Spain