Indigenous Studies

photo of indigenous drummers behind Kingston City Hall

Indigenous dancers








Indigenous Studies is an interdisciplinary degree (Major, Joint Honours, Minor), that draws together a range of courses that centre    Indigenous histories, cultures, experiences, perspectives, languages, and ways of knowing from departments across the Faculty of Arts and Science.

The program provides Indigenous and non-Indigenous students the opportunity to immerse themselves in Indigenous histories and cultures, ensuring that future leaders have a solid foundation anchored in the lived realities of First Nations, Métis and Inuit Peoples. Students expand their knowledge and understanding of Indigenous cultures, while developing professional skills such as innovative approaches to learning and research to work with Indigenous peoples, communities, and beyond.

Indigenous Studies anchors itself in the practices of decolonization and Indigenization to create spaces of reconciliation, through language and cultural education, land-based learning with local knowledge keepers and teachers, Indigenous theories and research methods, and a final year capstone course that anchors itself in respect, relevance, reciprocity, and responsibility.

Academic Plan information about the INDG Major, Joint Honours, and Minor.