Charlotte Reinholtz

Charlotte Reinholtz

Associate Professor



Languages, Literatures and Cultures

Arts and Science

613 533-2119

Kingston Hall 407


Queen’s National Scholar

Research interests: Syntax, syntax-semantics, morpho-syntax, field methods; Algonquian, Scandinavian, Bantu


Ph.D.  in Linguistics, University of Southern California, 1999.
B.A. (Joint Honours) in Swahili and Linguistics, School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London, 1985


As a graduate student at University of Southern California, Professor Reinholtz worked primarily on Danish, her mother tongue, and the larger group of Mainland Scandinavian languages. She took a special interest in Germanic ‘verb second’ which is the focus of her Doctoral Dissertation, Verb Second, Mood and Operator Licensing. She began to work on Cree when she came to Canada in 1993.

Professor Reinholtz’s primary research areas are syntax, morpho-syntax, and the syntax-semantics interface. Much of her research deals with quantifiers, the syntactic-semantic relations in which they participate, and the functional categories with which they are associated. Her current research deals with polarity items and indefinite pronouns. Other topic areas on which she has worked include hierarchical structure and so-called nonconfigurationality, discontinuous constituents, negation, question formation and clause-typing, focusing particles, and post-nominal demonstratives.


Professor Reinholtz teaches following courses:

LING 100: Introduction to Linguistics
LING 330: Morphology
LING 340: Syntax
LING 415: Semantics
LING 475: Field Methods