Laura Baxter

Laura Baxter



Languages, Literatures and Cultures

Arts and Science


Research interests: language variation and change, sociolinguistics, socio-phonetics, dialectology, Canadian English.


Ph. D. in Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, York University (ABD)
M. A. in Linguistics, University of Toronto, 2008
B. A. in Linguistics, McGill University, 2003


Professor Baxter’s current research focuses on different regional and ethnic varieties of Canadian English, including English spoken in the Eastern Townships of Quebec, and Black English in Toronto; as well as parodies and stereotypes of Canadian English, particularly those portrayed on American television.

Professor Baxter has previously taught a variety of linguistics and sociolinguistics courses at York University and Glendon College, including Language in its Social Context, Bilingualism, Canadian English, Varieties of English, The Structure of English, and Modern English.


LING 202: Canadian English
LING 320: Phonology