Sarah Shulist

Sarah Shulist

Associate Professor


Linguistics, LLCU

Languages, Literatures and Cultures

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Kingston Hall 400A

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Research interests: Linguistic anthropology, language revitalization, Indigenous languages


Ph. D. Anthropology, University of Western Ontario 2013
M. A. Globalization Studies, McMaster 2009
M. Sc. Linguistics, University of Alberta 2004
B. A. Linguistics and Comparative Literature, McMaster 2002


Sarah Shulist is a linguistic anthropologist whose research focuses on the social and political dimensions of Indigenous language revitalization. She uses collaborative ethnographic methods in order to provide support to communities engaged in revitalization efforts, particularly in contexts of multilingualism and urbanization, as well as to understand the implications of language policy and school-based language programs in shaping Indigenous-state relations. Her research has addressed Indigenous language issues in both Brazil and Canada.

Important publications:

2018. Transforming Indigeneity: Urbanization and Language Revitalization in the Brazilian Amazon. Toronto: University of Toronto Press.
2019. Shulist, Sarah and Faun Rice. Towards an Interdisciplinary Bridge between Documentation and Revitalization: Bringing Ethnographic Methods into Endangered Language Projects and Programming. Language Documentation and Conservation, 13:36-62.
2018. “Signs of Status: Language Policy, Revitalization, and Visibility in Urban Amazonia”. Language Policy, 17(4):523-543.
2016. “ ‘Indigenous Names’, Revitalization Politics, and Regimes of Recognition in the Northwest Amazon. Journal of Latin American and Caribbean Anthropology. 21 (2):1-19
2016. “ ‘Graduated Authenticity’: Multilingualism, Revitalization, and Identity in the Northwest Amazon”. Language & Communication 47:112-123.
2013. “Collaborating on Language: Contrasting the Theory and Practice of Collaboration in Linguistics and Anthropology”. Collaborative Anthropologies, 6: 1-29.


Prof. Shulist teaches following courses:

LING 205 Language and Power
LLCU 111 Introduction to Cultures
LLCU 110 Linguistic Diversity and Identity
LLCU 203 Sociocultural Anthropology
LING 370 Living Languages: Resilience and Revitalization in Practice
LING 490 Special Topics

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