Mallory McPhee

Mallory McPhee

Mallory is entering her fourth year at Queen's, majoring in Life Sciences and minoring in Italian Studies. She is the recipient of Queen's University Excellence Scholarship. She chose Italian Studies because of her heritage and interest in the language:

"Growing up in a predominantly Italian family, I had always wanted to learn the language, but never actually got around to it. So, I decided to pursue an Italian studies minor to turn my dreams of speaking Italian into a reality, as well as to learn about the culture that has shaped my ancestry.

Pursuing Italian studies is both challenging and fun! Of course, learning a foreign language can be very difficult at times. However, gaining the ability to understand and use a new language is so exciting and rewarding! My Italian minor has even helped me throughout my Life Sciences major! Since Italian is derived from Latin, my knowledge of the language has improved my learning and understanding of the Latin anatomical terms that show up in my Life Sci courses. My favourite part about the program is the versatility of courses offered. For instance, the option courses have allowed me to explore fields outside of my major studies and find new interests in areas like art history and linguistics!

In the future, I would love to travel through Italy and fully immerse myself into the language and culture of the country. I also have some relatives still living in Italy, and it would be amazing to visit them and be able to converse with them in Italian. In terms of a career, I am not entirely sure where the future will take me. Nonetheless, it would be so cool to find a job that allows me to incorporate some of the things I've learnt during my Italian studies minor. 

The professors and everyone I’ve met in the department have been exceptionally friendly and helpful! All of my professors have been excellent teachers who have each created interesting, engaging, and positive class environments. Receiving help from the department when needed is always encouraged and always provided with utmost kindness! Also, the department is always reaching out to students with unique opportunities for students to get involved! 

Whether it be through a campus job, volunteering, joining a club, or taking dance/fitness classes, there are so many ways to get involved and explore your interests at Queens. I definitely believe getting involved in extracurricular activities has enriched my Queens experience - I have met so many amazing friends from outside my faculty, and I have learned a lot about myself along the way. Getting involved has been so important throughout my undergrad and I absolutely recommend it to all students! "