This news article contains a (hopefully complete!) list of essays, authored by the Department’s graduate students, that were published or accepted for publication in 2019-20. The publications are listed alphabetically, by authors’ last names.

Note: included are only articles and chapters whose authors were active in the graduate program at the time of publication or acceptance; excluded are works published prior to, or after, their authors' time in the program.

Omar Bachour, “Alienation and Animal Labour”, in Charlotte E. Blattner, Kendra Coulter, and Will Kymlicka (eds) Animal Labour: A New Frontier of Interspecies Justice? (Oxford University Press, 2019), 116-136.

Joe Breidenstein, “Cartesian Philosophy as Spiritual Practice”, Metaphilosophy 51(2-3), 2020, 244-258.

Jeremy Butler, (with Christopher A. Riddle), “Obsolescence, Genetic Treatment, and Disability”, American Journal of Bioethics 19(7), 2019, 51-53.

Arthur Hill, “Legitimacy, self-determination, and conditional cooperators”, Critical review of international social and political philosophy 23(6), 2020, 780-787.

Lesley Jamieson, “The Case of M and D in Context: Iris Murdoch, Stanley Cavell and Moral Teaching and Learning”, Journal of philosophy of education 54(2), 2020, 425-448.

Kathryn Lawson, “Art and the Other: Aesthetic Intersubjectivity in Gadamer and Stein”, Symposium: Canadian Journal of Continental Philosophy 24(1), 2020, 74-91.

Kathryn Lawson, “The Ethical Imperative of Reincarnation in the Timeaus and The Bhagavad Gita”, Symposia: The Journal of Religion. Toronto: University of Toronto, 2019.

Joshua Livingstone, “Hannah Arendt and the Free Press”, in the History of Women Philosophers and Scientists series at Springer (Forthcoming).

Andrew Lopez (with Letitia Meynell), "Gendering Animals," Synthese (Forthcoming).

Phil Smolenski (with Alexander Motchoulski) “Principles of Collective Choice and Constraints of Fairness: Why the Difference Principle Would Be Chosen behind the Veil of Ignorance”, The Journal of Philosophy 116(12), 2019, 678-690.

Agnes Tam, “Why Moral Reasoning is Insufficient for Moral Progress”, Journal of Political Philosophy 28(1), 2020, 73-96.

Michael Tremblay, “Digestion and Moral Progress in Epictetus”, Journal of Ancient Philosophy 13(1), 2019, 100-119.

Michael Tremblay, “Akrasia in Epictetus: A Comparison with Aristotle”, Apeiron 53(4), 2020, 397-417.

Michael Tremblay, “Stoicism and Mixed Martial Arts”, in Jason Holt and Marc Ramsay (eds) The Philosophy of Mixed Martial Arts (Routledge, forthcoming).

Ryan Wilcox (with Charlotte E. Blattner and Sue Donaldson), “Animal Agency in Community”, Politics and Animals 6, 2020, 1–22.

Benjamin, Zolf, “No conscientious objection without normative justification: Against conscientious objection in medicine”, Bioethics 33(1), 2019, 146-153.