Political and Legal Thought (PLT) Faculty

This page lists faculty affiliated with the M.A. in Political and Legal Thought (PLT) program, an initiative by Philosophy, Political Studies, and Law. Faculty are listed, along with their research areas, under the units/departments to which they are primarily appointed. Note: PLT-affiliated faculty (including those who hold neither primary nor cross appointments to Philosophy) can be involved in training both philosophy M.A. and Ph.D. students.


  • Jacqueline M. Davies (Philosophy) Feminist Thought, Jewish Philosophy, Narrative Reasoning, and Critical Thinking
  • Kerah Gordon-Solmon (Philosophy) Moral and Political Philosophy, Bioethics
  • Lisa Guenther (Philosophy) Critical Prison Studies, Phenomenology, Feminism, Continental Philosophy, Social and Political Philosophy, Critical Race Theory
  • Meena Krishnamurthy (Philosophy) Social and Political Philosophy, Africana and Indian Political Philosophy
  • Rahul Kumar (Philosophy) Moral Philosophy / Ethics, Political Philosophy, Moral Psychology
  • Will Kymlicka (Philosophy, cross. Political Studies & Law) Political Philosophy
  • Alistair M. Macleod (Philosophy) Moral, Social & Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Law
  • Dolleen Tisawii'ashii Manning (Philosophy) Anishinaabe Ontology, Studio Visual Arts, Phenomenology, Critical Theory
  • Dalitso Ruwe (Philosophy / Political Studies) Intellectual History of Africana Philosophy, Anti-Colonial Theory, Africana Legal History, Black Male Studies, Hip Hop Philosophy, Black Philosophies of Education
  • Udo Schüklenk (Philosophy) Bioethics, Practical Ethics
  • Mick Smith (Philosophy / Environmental Studies) Environmental Ethics, Gadamer, Social Theory and Hermeneutics
  • Catherine Stinson (Philosophy / School of Computing) Philosophy of Science, Ethics of Artificial Intelligence, Philosophy of Neuroscience and Psychiatry
  • Christine Sypnowich (Philosophy, cross. Law) Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Law, Feminist Philosophy

Political Studies

  • Colin Farrelly (Political Studies, cross. Philosophy) Political Philosophy, Bioethics, Practical Ethics, Ethics
  • Andrew Lister (Political Studies, cross. Philosophy) Political Philosophy, Political Theory
  • Eleanor Macdonald (Political Studies) Political Theory, Gender and Politics
  • Margaret Moore (Political Studies, cross. Philosophy) Political Theory, Political Philosophy


  • Benjamin Ewing (Law) Criminal Law, Legal & Political Thought, Philosophy of Law, Sentencing, Torts
  • Leslie Green (Law, cross. Philosophy) Philosophy of Law, Jurisprudence, Moral and Political Philosophy, Constitutional Theory, Human Rights
  • Darryl Robinson (Law) International Criminal Law, Legal & Political Thought
  • Jean Thomas (Law, cross. Philosophy) Philosophy of Law, Ethics, Meta-Ethics
  • Sabine Tsuruda (Law) Contracts, Labour & Employment, Legal & Political Thought, Philosophy of Law
  • Ashwini Vasanthakumar (Law) Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Law
  • Mark Walters (Law) Aboriginal Law, Constitutional Law, Legal & Political Thought, Public Law
  • Gregoire Webber (Law, cross. Philosophy) Philosophy of Law, Human Rights, Public Law
  • Jacob Weinrib (Law) Constitutional Law, Legal & Political Thought, Philosophy of Law, Public Law

Other Units

  • Cheryl Cline (Health Sciences, cross. Philosophy) Bioethics, Political Philosophy, Environmental Ethics
  • Jeffrey Collins (History, cross. Philosophy) History of Political thought, Thomas Hobbes, John Locke, the English Revolution, Liberalism, the History of Christianity, Toleration and Religious Freedom, Constitutionalism, Monarchy

The creation of a collaborative MA in Political and Legal Thought at Queen’s University is an inspired idea, showcasing a long tradition of strength with a significant presence internationally as well as in Canada. The program is a boon to students who will find a wonderful grounding for further studies in Law, Philosophy and Politics.

David Dyzenhaus
Professor of Law and Philosophy, Albert Abel Chair, and University Professor, University of Toronto