Undergraduate Programs

The Department of Philosophy at Queen's University is home to excellent undergraduate philosophy programs, with a wide range of courses that span the history of philosophy from the ancients to contemporary thinkers, addressing perennial and new questions in all areas of philosophy.

Undergraduate students may pursue a major, medial, or minor in philosophy. Students may also enrol in the interdisciplinary program in Politics, Philosophy & Economics and specialize in one of its three component disciplines. More information about each program can be found on this page (below).

What is Philosophy? Why Study It?


Major in Philosophy

A major in philosophy is an intensive course of study in philosophy. Approximately half of a major student’s courses are philosophy courses, with room for an optional minor in any other Arts and Science discipline. For example, students can combine a major in philosophy with a computing arts minor. A breakdown of the major (PHIL-M-BAH) plan can be found at the button below. 

Major Plan

Joint Honours in Philosophy

A medial in philosophy is a dual course of study in philosophy and any other Arts discipline. A breakdown of the medial (PHIL[----]-A or [----]PHIL-A) plan can be found at the button below.

Joint Honours Plan

Minor in Philosophy

A minor in philosophy is a less intensive course of study in philosophy that must be combined with a major in another discipline. A breakdown of the minor (PHIL-G-BA) plan can be found at the button below. 

Minor Plan

Politics, Philosophy & Economics

The undergraduate program in Politics, Philosophy & Economics combines all three disciplines in ways designed to prepare students for a wide range of professional career paths. Students completing the program will be ready to enter graduate studies in their area of specialization, or to pursue careers in law, the public service, international development, policy design and analysis, or any other career that calls for strong analytical and communication skills. The program is structured as an augmented medial (much like a triple-major), without sacrificing advanced skills in a student's area of specialization. A breakdown of degree plans per specialization can be found at the button below.

Politics, Philosophy & Economics

More information about philosophy and other undergraduate programs and degree plans can be found in the Arts and Science’s academic calendar.

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