Special Colloquium Series, Workshops, and Conferences


Transformative Interspecies Justice, hosted by the Animals in Philosophy, Politics, Law, and Ethics (APPLE) research group at Queen’s University. Visit APPLE's site for updates.

APPLE Research Group


The Graham Kennedy Memorial Lecture is an annual lecture in memory of philosophy undergraduate Graham Kennedy. The lecture is given by a distinguished visiting speaker on a philosophical subject accessible to undergraduates.

The Vlastos Lecture is an annual lecture in memory of the great philosopher and Queen's professor, Gregory Vlastos. The lecture is given by a distinguished visiting speaker on a theme relevant to Vlastos' work, especially ancient philosophy and ethics.

The Lorne Maclachlan Lecture on Kant was established by Queen’s Professor Emeritus and former member of the Philosophy Department, Dr. Lorne Maclachlan. The annual lecture is given by a distinguished visiting speaker on the philosophy of Kant.

The Alistair Macleod Distinguished Lecture in Philosophy was established by friends, colleagues and former students of Dr. Alistair Macleod to honour him in the most fitting of ways, by providing an opportunity for intellectual exchange and discussion. The annual lecture is given by a distinguished philosopher in any area of the discipline.

Recent (2017 onward)

Special Colloquium Series, 2021. Hosted by the Department of Philosophy and the Department of Political Studies. Black Political Thought Colloquium Series Poster (PDF 1.1 MB).

Special Colloquium Series, 2021. Hosted by the Animals in Philosophy, Politics, Law, and Ethics (APPLE) research group. Animal Studies Speaker Series 2021 Poster (JPEG 165 KB).

APPLE Website | Animal Studies Speaker Series 2021

Conference, April 2021. Organized by Queen’s Philosophy PhD students Kathryn Lawson and Joshua Livingstone, bringing together academics from across the globe, posing questions around the philosophical thought of Hannah Arendt and Simone Weil.

Plenary speakers:

  • Lissa McCullough (California State University Dominguez Hills) on Weil
  • Elvira Roncalli (Carroll College) on Arendt
  • Marie Cabaud Meaney (International Theological Institute in Trumau, Austria) on Weil and Arendt

Speakers / Panelists:

  • Antonio Calcagno (King’s University College at Western University)
  • Benjamin Davis (University of Toronto)
  • Diane Enns (Ryerson University)
  • Alzbeta Hajkova (Purdue University)
  • Marina Lademacher (University of Sussex)
  • Paolo Monti (Università degli Studi di Milano Bicocca)
  • Rose Owen (University of Chicago)
  • Silvia Panizza (University College Dublin)
  • Ian Rhoad (American University)
  • Scott Ritner (Temple University)
  • Maria Robaszkiewicz (Paderborn University)
  • Ilya Shodjaee-Zrudlo (McGill University)
  • Tom Sojer (University of Erfurt)
  • Sam Sokolsky-Tifft (Purdue University)
  • Christopher Thomas (Manchester Metropolitan University)
  • Philip Wilson (University of East Anglia)

Arendt & Weil Conference 2021 Website

Workshop, January 2021. Co-organized by Margaret Moore (Political Studies, Philosophy), bringing together theorists working on all aspects of territory, to reflect on the moral and political implications of the threat that climate change poses to people, their territorial attachments, and their rights to occupy a given piece of land. Speakers include:

  • Cara Nine
  • Jennifer Szende
  • Michael Luoma
  • Margaret Moore
  • Alejandra Mancilla
  • Megan Blomfield
  • Patti Lenard
  • Anna Stilz
  • Chris Armstrong
  • Steve Vanderheiden
  • Byron Williston
  • Charles Jones

Special Colloquium Series, 2020. Hosted by the Department of Philosophy, the Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures, and the Cultural Studies Graduate Program. ALKC Colloquium Series Poster (PDF 514 KB).

Special Colloquium Series, 2020. Hosted by the Department of Philosophy and the School of Computing. Philosophical Implications of Artificial Intelligence Colloquium Series Poster (PDF 197 KB).

Special Colloquium, 2020. Hosted by the Department of Philosophy, Notes from a Biscuit Tin and In ParenthesisNotes from a Biscuit Tin Colloquium Series Poster (PDF 308 KB).

Workshop, 2019, coordinated by Margaret Moore (Queen’s Political Studies, Philosophy) and Kerstin Reibold (Arctic University of Norway), exploring Indigenous understandings of land, rights and reconciliation from both an Indigenous and Non-Indigenous lens. More about the workshop:

“Questions of land rights are at the root of most current conflicts between indigenous peoples and the wider state. In many cases, competing conceptions of the land and authority over the land intersect with conflicts around resource extraction, the terms of consultation and consent, and the political status of indigenous peoples. Yet, the issue of land rights has been largely ignored, even though Canada was the first country to establish a Truth and Reconciliation Commission for indigenous peoples. Without resolving the conflicts around land in a fair and collaborative manner, real reconciliation will be difficult to achieve.

This workshop seeks a better understanding of the normative and ontological considerations that underlie indigenous land claims through 3 main objectives:

  • to provide an open platform for indigenous people to voice their views on land, self-governance, and an appropriate relationship between the Canadian state and First Nations;
  • to explore ways of indigenizing political theory -- both in its conceptual frameworks and its methodologies;
  • to promote respectful and reciprocal collaboration between indigenous and non-indigenous scholars.

The two-day workshop will theorize the justifications for land rights from indigenous perspectives and investigate how these understandings challenge and possibly enrich theories in the Western tradition. Indigenous and non-indigenous researchers and community activists will then turn towards the implications for the political and legal practice.”

Speakers include:

  • Kanonhsyonne (Janice Hill) (Queen’s University)
  • Dale Turner (University of Toronto)
  • Paula Sherman (Trent University)
  • Robert Lovelace (Queen's University)
  • Will Kymlicka (Queen’s University)
  • Jeff Corntassel (University of Victoria)
  • Burke Hendrix (University of Oregon)
  • Cindy Holder (University of Victoria)
  • Patti Lenard (University of Ottawa)
  • Karine Vanthuyne (University of Ottawa)
  • Veldon Coburn (Carleton University)
  • Timothy Goodwin (Victorian Bar)
  • Alejandra Mancilla (University of Oslo)
  • Kerstin Reibold (University of Tromsø)
  • Margaret Moore (Queen's University)
  • Paula Sherman (Trent University)
  • Esme Murdock (San Diego State University)
  • Dimitri Panagos (Memorial University of Newfoundland)
  • Avery Kolers (University of Louisville)
  • Avigail Eisenberg (University of Victoria)
  • Janique Dubois (University of Ottawa)
  • Mark Walters (Queen's University)

Indigenous Land Rights and Reconciliation Workshop Poster (PDF 295 KB)

Conference, 2019. Hosted by the Department of Philosophy. Iris Murdoch Conference Poster (PNG 484 KB).

Speakers include:

  • Clare Mac Cumhaill (Durham)
  • Rachael Wiseman (Liverpool)
  • Maria Antonaccio (Bucknell)
  • Lawrence Blum (U Mass, Boston)
  • Gary Browning (Oxford Brookes)
  • Mark Freeman (Holy Cross)
  • David Bakhurst (Queen’s)
  • Lesley Jamieson (Queen’s)
  • Jacquelyn Maxwell (Queen’s)

Special Colloquium Series, 2019. Hosted by the Department of Philosophy. Philosophy of Race Colloquium Series Poster (PDF 167 KB).

Graduate Conference, 2019. Presented by Queen’s Philosophy Graduate Equity Collective. Imagining Otherwise Conference Poster (JPEG 485 KB).

Workshop, 2018. Co-sponsored by the Animals in Philosophy, Politics, Law, and Ethics (APPLE) research group at Queen’s University and the Humane Jobs initiative at Brock University. More information can be found on APPLE's website.

Special Colloquium Series, 2018. Hosted by the Department of Philosophy. Epistemology Colloquium Series Poster (PDF 166 KB).

Workshop, 2017. Hosted by the Animals in Philosophy, Politics, Law, and Ethics (APPLE) research group at Queen’s University. More information can be found on APPLE's website.

Workshop, 2017. Hosted by the Department of Philosophy. Teaching and Learning Conference Poster (JPEG 2.3 MB).

Speakers include:

  • Andrea Kern (Universität Leipzig / Pittsburgh University)
  • Sebastian Rödl (Universität Leipzig / Pittsburgh University)
  • Will Small (University of Illinois at Chicago)
  • Joseph Dunne (Dublin City University)
  • Henrike Moll (University of Southern California)
  • Jonathan Dancy (University of Texas, Austin)