Departmental Colloquium

The Department of Philosophy’s regular colloquium series is one of the oldest in Canada. The series welcomes speakers to give talks every Thursday during the Fall and Winter semesters.

Additionally, the Department and its cognate units often host special colloquium series, workshops, and conferences – sometimes jointly with other departments, and either in addition to or as part of the regular colloquium series. The Department also sponsors the Colloquium in Legal and Political Philosophy, hosted by the Faculty of Law, and is home to a number of reading groups, some of which discuss work in progress by visiting, external faculty.

2023-24 Colloquium Schedule

Fall 2023

Sep 14.  Rachel Fredericks and Jeremy Fischer, “Justice in the Cafeteria”

Sep 28.  Arthur Hill (Queen’s) “Political Legitimacy, Moral Thresholds, and the Problem of Stratified Societies”

Oct 5.  Karen Lewis (Barnard/Columbia) “Imagined Audiences and Common Ground”

Oct 19.  Carolyn McLeod (Western) “Trust and Belonging”

Oct 26.  Vincent Bergeron (Ottawa) “The Trouble with Teleology in the Behavioural and Brain Sciences”

Nov 2.  Jordan MacKenzie (Virginia Tech) “Love, Identity and the Duty to Grieve”

Nov 9. Owen Clifton (Queen’s)

Nov 16. The Kennedy Memorial Lecture: Jonardon Ganeri (Toronto)

Nov 30.  Stephanie Leary (McGill)

Winter 2024

Jan 25.  Pablo Perez Castello (Queen’s) “The Fabric of Zoodemocracy”

Feb 9. Philosophy of Race Conference Keynote: Muindi Fanuel Muindi, “Figuring Blackness without Distinction: Adding the Point at Infinity”

Feb 10. Philosophy of Race Conference Keynote: Chike Jeffers (Dalhousie), “Philosophy of Race and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms” 

Feb 29. Rahul Kumar (Queen’s) “Morality and Mutual Recognition”

Mar 7. The Gregory Vlastos Memorial Lecture: Jessica Moss (NYU) “Aristotle on Degrees of Knowledge, Truth, and Being”

Mar 14. Daniel Muñoz (UNC Chapel Hill) “A Theory of Supererogation”

Mar 21. Wayne Rosen (Calgary) “Limits of Evidence-Based Medicine: A Critical Appraisal”

Mar 28.  The Lorne Maclachlan Lecture on Kant: Janum Sethi (Michigan) “‘A Scandal of Philosophy’: Kant's Refutation of External World Skepticism"

Apr 4.  The Alistair Macleod Distinguished Lecture: Gerald J. Postema (UNC Chapel Hill)

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