2020-2021 Academic eCalendar

Welcome to the 180th Session of the Queen's Arts and Science Calendar

The purpose of this Calendar is to provide details for programs and courses offered by the Faculty of Arts and Science of Queen’s University. It includes matters of general interest to students who are registered in, or who are contemplating, a program in Arts and Science at Queen’s. It contains information concerning such things as Deadlines, Degree Plans and Course Lists, Courses of Instruction, Admission Regulations, Academic Regulations, Appeal Regulations, Faculty Policies and Archived Calendars.

Each Department or other academic unit that offers Plans or other academic programs through the Faculty of Arts and Science is listed in the Calendar.

The Departmental Information section contains contact information, a brief overview of the unit's academic mission, and departmental policies.

The Academic Calendar Dates list all academic and financial deadlines, term start and end dates, exam periods, and more dates important for students in the Faculty of Arts and Science.

It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that all deadline dates are adhered to.

Academic Calendar Dates

Academic Degree Programs

The degrees at present conferred through the Faculty of Arts and Science are outlined in this document. It includes information on electives, including courses from other Faculties.

All Degree Programs (see below for Plans as opposed to Programs) in the Faculty of Arts and Science require courses to be chosen from one or more Plans. These sections of the Calendar outline the detailed requirements for each Plan, and indicate in which degree program(s) they may be used. The Department or other academic unit responsible for the administration of the Plan is also listed. Students should, in the first instance, contact this Department if they require further information. The Plans are reproduced within the Academic Advisement Tool in SOLUS in much the same format as may be found in this Calendar. 

Some Departments allow lists of courses in many different subjects to meet a requirement. Such lists are too long to be written out in full in SOLUS, so appear as a course list in the Calendar. For example, GPHY_Physical is a course list of all the courses that may be used to fulfill the physical geography requirements of a Geography or Environmental Sciences Plan. The detailed course lists are located following the Degree Plan to which they pertain in the Calendar.

Degree Plans and Course Lists


A selected number of Departments also offer the opportunities for students to receive a specialized Certificate, in addition to their degree. Arts and Science offers the following Certificates:

  • Academic Writing
  • Disability and Physical Activity
  • Employment Relations
  • Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Creativity
  • French for Professionals
  • Geographic and Information Science
  • Global Action and Engagement
  • Indigenous Languages and Cultures
  • International Studies
  • Media Studies
  • Mohawk Language and Culture
  • Sexual and Gender Diversity
  • Urban Planning Studies



This section of the Calendar contains details of all the courses offered through the Faculty of Arts and Science. A course entry may contain the following items:

Course number, course weight, course title, course description, notes, total learning hours that a student would spend in various activities associated with the course, recommendations, prerequisite statements, exclusion statements, and one-way exclusion statements

For more details on these, see How to Use the Arts and Science Calendar

Not every course listed in this Calendar is offered every year. For the most up-to-date information on course offerings, students are advised to view the course timetable on SOLUS or consult with the appropriate Department.

Having trouble finding a course? Use Ctrl+F to search, and ensure bookmarks are enabled.

Courses of Instruction


A maximum of 6.0 units from courses offered by other Faculties and Schools may be counted towards the Program and/or Plan requirements of any degree in the Faculty of Arts and Science.

The courses listed in the document below are approved for students in the Faculty of Arts and Science.

Courses of Instruction in Other Faculties and Schools


The Admission Regulations govern the admission of students into the Faculty of Arts and Science, whether directly from high school, from another postsecondary institution, or from another Faculty or School within Queen’s University.

The following Admission Regulations describe the requirements for admission to the Faculty of Arts and Science. The admission requirements stated in this chapter are minimum requirements, and the standing required for admission may be higher. Preference will be given to applicants with the strongest qualifications. Admission Regulations 1 – 11 present the admission requirements for the various categories of admission. Admission Regulation 12 describes the procedures applicants must follow for admission to on-campus studies, and Admission Regulation 13 describes the procedures applicants must follow for admission to distance studies.

Entering students are ordinarily allowed no credits for previous experience or education up to the level of completion of the Ontario Secondary School Diploma or equivalent. They may, with the consent of the departments concerned, be permitted to take advanced courses or alternative courses if their previous experience and education so warrant.

All applicants should note that the Queen's University Senate Policy on Student Appeals, Rights and Discipline states that applicants seeking admission to the University or a Program at Queen's may not appeal a decision regarding an individual application, whether or not the applicant is, or has been, a student in another Program at Queen's. By extension, applicants may not appeal any regulation stated in the Admission chapter of the Faculty of Arts and Science Calendar.

The following is a summary of the Admission Regulations:

     1.     English Language Proficiency
     2.     Admission with an Ontario Secondary School Diploma
     3.     Admission with OSSD Equivalent Standing
     4.     Admission from Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology
     5.     Admission by Transfer
     6.     Admission to a Dual Degree Program
     7.     Admission to a Second Degree Program
     8.     Admission Policy for Aboriginal Candidates

     9.     Admission Policy for First-Generation Candidates
   10.     Auditors
   11.     Part-Time Admission on Probation
   12.     Admission to Non-Degree Students
   13.     Application Procedures to Study on Campus
   14.     Application Procedures for Distance Studies
   15.     Application Procedures for Study at the Bader International Study Centre

See the full Admission Regulations


The Academic Regulations govern student conduct and academic progression within the Faculty. Attention is drawn in particular to Academic Regulation 1 (Academic Integrity); 2 (Enrolment and Registration Priorities); 10 (System of Grading); 13 (Academic Standing) and 16 (Requirements for Graduation). Students must comply with all the academic regulations of the Faculty, as well as those Senate Policies that govern student conduct and academic progression within the University as a whole.

These regulations state the requirements to be met and the procedures to be followed for the awarding of degrees in the Faculty of Arts and Science. All requests for exceptions to the regulations should be made to the appropriate reviewing body (see Appeal of Academic Decisions). Inquiries concerning Faculty regulations should be made to the Faculty of Arts and Science Faculty Office.

Faculty Regulations are constantly being reviewed and may change at any time.

In all regulations that refer to decisions made by the instructor, the instructor may choose to delegate responsibility for those decisions as appropriate.

    1.     Academic Integrity
     2.     Enrolment and Registration Priorities
     3.     Number of Units in a Term and Academic Year
     4.     Courses Spanning More Than One Term
     5.     Auditors
     6.     Attendance, Course Work, and Conduct
     7.     Assessment of Performance
     8.     Final Examinations and General Examinations
     9.     Examination Conduct
   10.     System of Grading and Transcript Notations
   11.     Review of Grades and Examinations
   12.     Dean's Honour Lists
   13.     Academic Standing
   14.     Credit for Courses Taken Elsewhere
   15.     Voluntary Withdrawal and Return to Studies
   16.     Requirements for Graduation
   17.     Misconduct in an Academic or Non-Academic Setting
   18.     Jurisdiction

See the full Academic Regulations


The Appeal Regulations govern the process by which students may appeal decisions regarding academic integrity and other academic matters.  These might include: the grade received in an assignment, exam or course; to add or drop a course after the academic deadline; to waive a requirement to withdraw; or to request aegrotat or credit standing in a course.  Student’s attention is also drawn to the Senate Policy on Students’ Appeals, Rights and Discipline (SARD), available from the Senate website.

See the Appeal Regulations

See the Appeal Process


These regulations outline the special regulations for a student who is attempting more than one undergraduate degree within the Faculty of Arts and Science, either concurrently with a degree from another Faculty or School (Dual Degree) or consecutively when the first degree was obtained either from Queen’s University or elsewhere (Second Degree).  This section also contains information on the degree upgrade process, wherein a student holding a General (3-year) undergraduate degree from the Faculty of Arts and Science at Queen’s may upgrade it to an Honours (4-year) degree.

See Dual and Second Degree and General Upgrade Regulations


If you need access to an archived Arts and Science Calendar not listed here, please contact our office.