Colin Farrelly

Colin Farrelly

The Sir Edward Peacock Professor of Political Theory

Political Studies, Philosophy

Arts and Science

(613) 533-6243

Mackintosh-Corry Hall C400

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  • B.A., McMaster
  • M.A., McMaster
  • Ph.D., Bristol

Political Philosophy, Bioethics, Practical Ethics, Ethics

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Colin Farrelly is a political theorist with research and teaching interests in political philosophy and bioethics. He has held academic appointments in philosophy, political science and public policy at the University of Aberdeen, Birmingham University, Manchester University, Oxford University, Waterloo University and UCLA. The author and editor of 6 books and approximately 50 journal articles, Colin’s publications include articles in journals in political science, philosophy, feminism, law, science and medicine. He has published on a diverse array of topics, including the health challenges posed by population aging, the creation and evolution of patriarchy, virtue ethics, virtue epistemology, virtue jurisprudence, play and politics, freedom of expression, judicial review, non-ideal theory, gene patents, deliberative democracy, nanotechnology, sex selection, toleration, a citizen’s basic income, enhancing soldiers and economic incentives. Colin’s next major research project explores the idea of the “playful” society as a realistic utopia and draws on empirical insights from evolutionary biology and positive psychology. 

For more information about Colin's research and a list of his books and other publications, visit his personal website.