Christine Sypnowich, Professor and Department Head, takes up a Visiting Fellowship at All Souls College, Oxford, April-June, to work on a manuscript about G.A. (Jerry) Cohen, the eminent Canadian political philosopher who for many years was the Chichele Professor of Social and Political Theory in Oxford. Christine’s project analyses the paradoxes of Cohen, a Marxist who engaged with liberal political philosophy and who at the end of his career endorsed conservatism about value. The All Souls fellowship is a competitive one, and provides living accommodation, office space, and dining rights in the college. 

Christine was originally awarded her Fellowship for spring 2020 but ended up deferring it due to the pandemic. ‘I’m thrilled finally to take up this wonderful opportunity, and to have the chance to engage with Jerry’s friends and colleagues as I work on this exciting project about such a fascinating, celebrated and beloved scholar. I’m grateful to Queen’s, and especially my colleague Rahul Kumar who will be Acting Chair, for allowing me to go’.