After retiring as the Professor of the Philosophy of Law at Oxford in 2021, Leslie Green has now retired as Professor of Law and Distinguished University Fellow at Queen’s.

Professor Green is recognized as one of the world’s foremost legal philosophers in analytical jurisprudence, as well as in moral and political philosophy and human rights. Professor Green was an undergraduate at Queen’s and fondly remembers courses with Philosophy emeriti faculty Alistair Macleod and Al Fell. Graduating as Queen’s University’s political studies Medalist in 1978, he went on to hold the most prestigious research position in his field, the Professorship of the Philosophy of Law at Oxford University. Professor Green is also a highly regarded and beloved teacher and mentor. For the past decade, he has been returning to his alma mater for a term each year, teaching and furthering his research at Queen’s Law while holding a cross-appointment in Philosophy. Professor Green has recently completed a new book, The Germ of Justice, forthcoming in 2022 with Oxford University Press. To celebrate his exceptional career and scholarly achievements, Queen’s Law has now established the Professor Les Green Award for Research Excellence.

Professor Green’s retirement is the subject of a Queen’s Law news article, in which Queen’s political and legal philosophers Mark Walters, Grégoire Webber, Ashwini Vasanthakumar, and Jean Thomas comment on Professor Green’s tremendous impact on their careers and the state of legal and political philosophy. In the article, Professor Green himself comments: “Queen’s has a number of younger legal theorists and it has been terrific to watch them make their marks and build connections. In terms of breadth in jurisprudence, Queen’s Law now has no rival in Canada.”

The Department of Philosophy has benefited enormously from the cross-appointment of Professor Green. Christine Sypnowich, Head of the Department, recalls meeting Professor Green when she arrived as a doctoral student in Oxford: "Les was already embarked on a successful academic career as a research fellow in Oxford and got in touch to offer support and friendship to a fellow Canadian. He was my mentor and friend ever after. We have been so fortunate to have a scholar and teacher of his talent and distinction as part of our philosophical community. We will miss his regular autumn sojourns in Kingston."

We wish Professor Green all the best! And we are happy indeed that he will continue to be engaged with Law and Philosophy at Queen’s during his retirement.

"Legal philosophy giant retires" | News Article | Queen's Law