In The New Statesman’s public philosophy column, “Agora”, Meena Krishnamurthy, Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Queen’s, and Sukaina Hirji, former Queen’s MA and current Assistant Professor of Philosophy at University of Pennsylvania, ask: “What is romantic friendship?”

An excerpt: “The proliferation of new relationship models, including romantic friendships, reflects a growing desire to be imaginative about what intimate relationships can look like. Romantic friendships take some of the elements of a traditional romantic relationship – the desire for intimacy, the commitment to build one’s life around another person, and even sex – without having to take all of them at once.”

Agora is edited by A.J. Wendland, Senior Research Fellow of Philosophy at Massey College in the University of Toronto, Vision Fellow in Public Philosophy at King's College London, and Adjunct Professor here at Queen’s, where he teaches an upper-year seminar on public philosophy. Contributions to Agora have also been made by Queen’s philosophers Christine Sypnowich and Will Kymlicka.

“What is romantic friendship?”, by Meena Krishnamurthy and Sukaina Hirji | The New Statesman