In a recent interview by Richard Marshall at 3:16AM, Will Kymlicka, Professor of Philosophy and Canada Research Chair in Political Philosophy, discusses his career and work.

An excerpt: “The linchpin of human exceptionalism is political status, not moral status. But of course not all humans are included in the political circle. The various justifications given to exclude animals from the demos – for example, that they lack reason or language or moral self-regulation – have also been invoked to exclude many human groups at different times, including children, people with cognitive disabilities, women, the poor, and various racialized groups”.

Richard Marshall has interviewed a number of Queen’s philosophers in recent years, including David Bakhurst, George Whalley Distinguished University Professor and John and Ella G. Charlton Professor of Philosophy (read the interview here), and Joshua Mozersky, Professor of Philosophy and former Canada Research Chair in Metaphysics and the Philosophy of Science (read the interview here).

“Multiculturalism, Animal Rights and Inclusive Citizenship”; Richard Marshall interviews Will Kymlicka | 316am