Elliott, Eden

Eden Elliott

Ph.D. Candidate


Arts and Science

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Research Interests

Philosophical Anthropology, Systematic Philosophy, Hermeneutical Phenomenology (Heidegger, Gadamer, Ricoueur), Metaphysics, Metaethics, Philosophy of Action, Philosophy of Mind.

  • B.A., Honours (Political Science & Philosophy), Laurentian University
  • M.A. Philosophy, Queens University

My interests are united by my interest in developing a Structural-Systematic Account of what the Human being is, particularly in conversation with Heidegger and the phenomenological tradition. This project is concerned with what Humans are and what Humans do, and so takes interest in a broad variety of philosophical literature to approach these questions. In addition to this main project, I also work on specific issues within the history of phenomenology, as well as in contemporary metaphysics, metaethics and philosophies of mind and action.