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Carlos Prado

Carlos Prado

Emeritus Professor 
B.A., M.A. (Berkeley), Ph.D. (Queen's)

Specialization: Epistemology, Descartes, Foucault, rational suicide, physician-assisted suicide 


C. G. Prado is professor emeritus of philosophy at Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario. Born in Guatemala, C. G. Prado grew up in San Francisco, California. His interests and expertise in philosophy are evident in the titles of his published books: Starting with Descartes (2009); Foucault's Legacy (2009);Choosing to Die: Elective Death and Multiculturalism (2008); Searle and Foucault on Truth (2006); A House Divided: Comparing Analytic and Continental Philosophy, ed. (2003); The Best Laid Plans: Health Care’s Problems and Prospects (with Lawrie McFarlane, 2002); Starting With Foucault: An Introduction to Genealogy, Second Edition (2000), First Edition (1995);Assisted Suicide: Canadian Perspectives, ed. (2000); Assisted Suicide: Theory and Practice in Elective Death, (with S. J. Taylor, 1999); The Last Choice: Preemptive Suicide in Advanced Age, Second Edition (1998), First Edition (1990); Descartes and Foucault: A Contrastive Introduction to Philosophy(1992, reprinted 1997); The Limits of Pragmatism (1987, reprinted 1989); Rethinking How We Age: A New View of the Aging Mind (1986); Making Believe: Philosophical Reflections on Fiction (1984); and Illusions of Faith: A Critique of Noncredal Religion (1980). He is currently working on a book about people close to those choosing to die. During his time at Queen's C. G. Prado supervised more than thirty Ph.D and M.A. theses and published numerous articles. Two forthcoming Anthology Articles compare Foucault and Davidson and Foucault and Dewey.