Tremblay, Michael

Michael Tremblay

Ph.D., 2021


Arts and Science

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Research Interests

Ancient Philosophy (especially Stoicism), Ethics, Moral Education

  • Ph.D. (Philosophy), Queen's University
    • Dissertation: Theory and Training in Epictetus’ Program of Moral Education
    • Committee: Jon Miller (Chair), Brad Inwood, Bernard Kavanaugh, Daryn Lehoux, Elliot Paul
  • M.A. (Philosophy), Carleton University
  • B.A., Honours (Philosophy), Carleton University

Michael’s research focusses on ancient philosophy, specifically moral education in the Stoics. He is also interested in the Hellenistic conception of philosophy as a way of life, which is to be practiced in order to achieve virtue and happiness, and the conception of philosophy as a skill or craft. His work has appeared venues such as Apeiron: A Journal for Ancient Philosophy and Science and Journal of Ancient Philosophy.

Beyond philosophy, Michael is passionate about martial arts and competes regularly in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and wrestling. His academic work and its connection to his athletics are the focuses of a recent episode of CBC’s Ideas.

  • “Digestion and Moral Progress in Epictetus”, Journal of Ancient Philosophy 13(1), 100-119, 2019.
  • “Akrasia in Epictetus: A Comparison with Aristotle”, Apeiron 53(4), 397-417, 2020.
  • MMA as a path to stoic virtue”, in The Philosophy of Mixed Martial Arts, Routledge. Ed. Jason Holt and Marc Ramsay. 2021. Pg.122-133.
  • Athletic imagery as an educational tool in Epictetus”, The Journal of the Philosophy of Sport. 2021.

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