Vlaad, Sofie

Sofie Vlaad

Ph.D. Student


Arts and Science

Research Interests

Feminist Philosophy, Transgender Studies, Ethics of Artificial Intelligence, Contemporary Poetics (Especially Trans, Experimental, and Digital Poetics), Philosophy of Creativity, Aesthetics

  • B.A. Honours (Philosophy), Queen’s University
  • M.A. (Philosophy), Queen’s University

Sofie’s research is firmly rooted in both feminist philosophy and transgender studies. These twin schools of thought inform her work in ways that are both explicit and implicit. Her current project brings together ethics of artificial intelligence, philosophy of creativity, and digital poetics to explore a series of related questions: Might we consider poetry constructed with the assistance of machine learning to be a product of creativity? If so, how is this form of creativity shaped by algorithmic bias? Does computer generated poetry have aesthetic value?   

Currently Sofie is working on an article that posits trans poetics as a way of doing trans philosophy, a co-authored piece exploring how we might epistemically ground diversity projects in AI, and a collaborative arts project exploring queer/mad/trans/femme futures.