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Michael Tremblay

Michael completed his BA and MA in philosophy at Carleton University in Ottawa before coming to Queen's for his Ph.D. He wrote his master's thesis on Stoicism,  focusing on Epictetus' moral psychology, and how it relates to the moral progress of a Stoic in training. Moving forward in his Ph.D, Michael is interested in addressing questions about the nature of virtue, moral education, and moral progress in Ancient Ethics. Outside of philosophy, he is an avid competitor in different martial arts, holding a black-belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and wrestling for Queen's University. 





“Digestion and Moral Progress in Epictetus”, Journal of Ancient Philosophy 13(1), 100-119.

“Akrasia in Epictetus: A Comparison with Aristotle”, Apeiron: A Journal for Ancient Philosophy and Science, Forthcoming.