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Why Study Philosophy?

•“To Challenge Your Own Point of View” — Rebecca Goldstein, philosopher and novelist
•“To Think in Slow Motion” — John Campbell, Willis S. and Marion Slusser Professor of Philosophy, UC Berkeley
•“To Open Your Mind” — D.E. Wittkower, philosopher of technology and culture

Philosophy puts you in dialogue with the best minds from the ancients to the cutting edge of the future. Studying Philosophy lets you satisfy your curiosity. 
You’ll get to:

•Ask the big questions
•Read the great works
•Engage with great philosophers

During your studies you will:

•Develop your critical and analytical skills
•Learn how to think through complex problems
•Discover the unstated presuppositions behind arguments
•See issues in a broader context
•Think creatively and write persuasively 

Philosophy teaches highly marketable skills:

• Philosophy students consistently score among the very highest in GREs, LSATs, etc.
• Philosophy is a gateway to professional degrees — Law, Medicine, Public Policy and more.
• Philosophy lets you pursue a range of career paths, from start-ups to non-profits, from arts to management, from government to NGOs.
The earning power of Philosophy majors is higher than other humanities majors.

Love wisdom!  Study philosophy!