COM-Poisson Code

This web-page contains code and documentation pertaining to the COM-Poisson probability distribution for the application of modelling ionization statistics. This is based off of the work presented in the paper doi:10.1103/PhysRevD.98.103013 (arXiv:1808.06967), and is meant to accompany it. Specifically, this page contains the look-up tables described in the paper, code to use the COM-Poisson distribution as a model for ionization statistics, documentation describing the code, and a document giving several examples of applications of the code to help with troubleshooting as well as to demonstrate potential uses of the code. Questions should be directed to

Look-up table specifications – Table4_Alpha:
Mu_a = 0.001, Mu_b = 20, Mu_N = 10000, F_a = 0.1, F_b = 1, F_N = 1000

Examples (PDF 175KB)

COM-Poisson Code in 4 parts in zipped files:
COM-Poisson-1 (21 MB) COM-Poisson-2 (16MB) COM-Poisson-3 (16MB) COM-Poisson-4 (21MB)