Commonly-Used Acronyms

Acronym Unabbreviated Definition
ARC Academic Review Committee
AUCC Association of Universities and Colleges in Canada
CAUBO Canadian Association of University Business Officers
CESPA Committee on Enrolment Statistics, Projections and Analysis
CGPSS Canadian Graduate and Professional Student Survey
CIRPA Canadian Institutional Research and Planning Association
COFO-UO Council of Finance Officers - Universities of Ontario
COU Council of Ontario Universities
CSRDE Consortium on Student Retention Data Exchange
CUDO Common University Data Ontario
CUPA Council on University Planning and Analysis
FIPPA Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act
FT Full-time
FTE Full-time Equivalent
G/REB (General) Research Ethics Board
IRP Institutional Research and Planning
KPI Key Performance Indicator
MCU Ministry of Colleges and Education
MYAA Multi-Year Accountability Agreement
NSSE National Survey of Student Engagement
OCAV Ontario Council of Academic Vice-Presidents
OUR Office of the University Registrar
PT Part-time
QUFA Queen's University Faculty Association
SMA Strategic Mandate Agreement
TA Teaching Assistant
U15-DE Top 15 Canadian Research-Intensive Universities Data Exchange
UCASS University and College Academics Staff System
USAT University Survey of Student Assessment of Teaching
USW United Steel Workers